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It's that time again, the time of year where I have to look at every single album I've listened to this year and not only wonder where I've found the time to listen to so much music but pick which ones are my favourites. I think this might be harder than my Uni degree... or not... or maybe, there's nothing wrong with overreacting! Anyway, here is my honourable mentions that just missed out on securing their place in the top 50...

Troye Sivan - Bloom

I discovered Troye Sivan by going on one of my dives through related artists on Spotify and listening to people I've never heard of, after telling my girlfriend I think I've found a gem she informed me that he was inf act already very famous and a few days later he released a smash hit with Charli XCX - so what do I know ey? But this album is honest, beautiful and well crafted, I simply just never revisited it which is usually a good indicator for my albums of the year lists.

Typhoon - Offerings

I loved this album so much when I listened to it, a complete piece of work with interludes that perfectly intertwine songs to make for the ultimate listening experience. But I just got bored of it, with no stand out singles to its name it suffered with longevity because there were no tracks I wanted to play by themselves. Shame really.

White Denim - Performance

It's hard to make an honourable mentions list because you have to state why you dislike albums so that it didn't make the list, even though I do like these albums hence why they are honouurable mentions. That's how I feel regarding Performance, it's a good album but it doesn't ever switch things up making it quite a tough listen sometimes, I often jump ship way before the final track.

Rejjie Snow - Lil Annie

The problem with Lil Annie is that it has the same problem as Performance, I think I've only listened the whole way through once and I have to admit it was a bit of a slog. Nonetheless, Rejjie Snow is witty, funny and I do enjoy his laidback flow. It's not very often I would say that an album needs more upbeat tracks but this definitely does.

Rhye - Blood

If I'm honest I completely forgot about this album. I genuinely loved listening to it the first time I played it in full, but haven't revisited it since, not because I didn't want to or because I'd taken everything I'd wanted from the album. But because I genuinely forgot it existed, make of that what you will but this just misses on the top 50 because of that. Nonetheless, this album defines music as a piece of art for me, a sound that can fade into the background but grow into the forefront with ease along with sensual vocals and a rawness of the likes I've never seen before.

Miles Kane - Coup De Grace

Miles Kane's biggest problem is that he's not the best singer, guitarist, songwriter, album artist or anything for that matter. And he's by no means bad, but there's nothing exceptional about him other than how good of a performer he is, but if you don't like his music then you'll never see that. Anyway, I think Coup De Grace is the face of this, an album that has some great tunes in it but has the depth of a paddling pool unfortunately.

James Bay - Electric Light

If you'd have told me last year that James Bay would make an album I'd like then I would have laughed in your face. James Bays first album is probably one of my most disliked pieces of music ever, irrationally so I will admit. But that "Hold Back The River" song genuinely grinds my gear. Then earlier this year he dropped "Pink Lemonade", cut his hair and suddenly became a cool looking motherffff. The album does drop into old James Bay in places though which really plummets my interest in it.

Denzel Curry - Ta13oo

I really loved Clout Cobain, I thought that was a really thought provoking and open song, I can't really believe that a Denzel Curry album nearly made my top 50, he's just a rapper who's flow I never really enjoyed and I think he's not quite at the level I'd like him to be yet but he's damn close.

The Spitfires - Year Zero

I quite like The Spitfires, I've seen them live once this year and I'm not 100% I would go and see them again but this album in particular I feel really spiked their creative juices and edged them further away from that Madness sound and closer to something that was more punk-y and louder. And whilst I do think their sound is outdated there clearly is still a market for them, if your'e a fan of The Undertones, The Specials or Madness then give these guys a listen.

Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys

Oh Posty. This was number 50 on my list until I went and listened to another album a week before writing all of this and it pushed this out. I'd say the biggest problem with B&B is that there are the singles which are catchy, well-produced and well-written. Then there's the album fillers which serve only to potentially be singles and some of them are alright and some of them are poor. It seems weird calling one of the biggest artists in the world a guilty pleasure but he's definitely that.


  1. This is definately the best top 50 list of greatest albuns in 2018, shout out to James Bay, Eletric Light for me is the best album so far! Thank you for the beautiful post!


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