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The Hunna - Dare (Album Review)

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Album of The Half Year

I said after the quarter point of the year that there had been no albums that have really stood out to me as of yet. I was wrong, since then we've had a plethora of albums and there's been so much good stuff! It helped that Kanye released an album a week for five weeks, as 3 of those make it into this list and I think Nas' album might be sitting pretty highly once I've had abit more time to digest it. But up to now, here's my favourite album up to this point of the year. Let me know what your top 10 albums of the year have been so far on my socials below!
Album of The 1st Quarter
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10. A$AP Rocky - Te$ting (New)
At this point, A$AP is pribably one of my favourite rappers and he's definitely one of the most consistent. He's dropped off my radar as of late so seeing this pop up in the Spotify new releases section was a surprise but what a welcome surprise it was. A$AP brings back his cloud rap back to life with a lot more trap influence…

Top 25 Oasis Songs: 10-1

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Top 25 Songs: 25-11
10. Half The World Away (Whatever B-Side)
The Royle Family theme tune has been a favourite of mine for years, a tune to sing your heart out to but also be able to just sit and listen to. I'm traditionally more of a fan of the Liam-sung tunes but this is right up there in terms of Noel songs, it's just so heartfelt and presents a whole other side of the band.
9. The Masterplan (Wonderwall B-Side)
I'm not the biggest fan of Wonderwall, it might be because of the constant overplaying of the tune as I was growing up. However, along with its B-Sides it must be one of the greatest singles of all time. The Masterplan is another Noel led tune that has made this list, and I've been lucky enough to see this live on Noel's solo tour, and it's absolutely unmatched! A classic in it's own right that only ever made it into being a B-Side.

8. D'You Know What I Mean

The song that made me an Oasis fan,…

Introducing... April Towers

April Towers have been described as a 'fusion of Pet Shop Boys and LCD Soundsystem' and honestly what more information do you need than that? The duo from Nottingham have just released their much awaited debut album 'Certified Freaky' to much praise from old and new fans alike. And I have to say, it's a great listen, intriguing sounds intertwining subject matter that didn't resonate with me until the second listen where I really dedicated some time to actually sit and listen to the music properly. And despite producing such fun, enthusiastic an ground shaking bangers, I think this is the best way to listen to April Towers. I was lucky enough to grab an interview with the Midlands duo, Alex (Vocals) and Charlie (Guitar/Keyboard) discussing their debut album, being on a FIFA soundtrack and why they left out that song from their debut album...

Question. First and foremost, Where did the band name 'April Towers' originate?April Towers: I was working one day…

What I'm Listening to Lately (1/7/18)

Kanye West - ye
The Big Moon - Love In The 4th Dimension
Shame - Songs of Praise
Pusha T - Daytona
A$AP Rocky - Te$ting
Bryony Williams - Conscious
The Charlatans - Totally Eclipsing
No Hot Ashes - Skint Kids Disco
Tiny Hueman - Drift
Childish Gambino - This Is America
Black Honey - Bad Friends
Fred Seul - Wolves
St. Vincent - Fast Slow Disco
Let's Eat Grandma - It's Not Just Me

Kanye West - ye (Album Review)

Kanye West took it upon himself to produce 5 different albums and release themm consecutively over the course of 5 weeks. Starting with Pusha T, we then saw ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nas and Teyana Taylor all drop projects. And arguably it's some of Kanye's best ever production work. The way that he flips samples, repeats them and turns them into a beat is incredible and it's unmatched in the rap game. It's easy to see how Cudi, Pusha and Nas have all released their best albums in years because of this.

Kanye's solo project was actually scrapped a month before release and he started again, completely from new - which is what we have here. Now, I'd love to hear the previous album and recognise the differences sonically and thematically because what Ye actually gave us was a very open, honest and thought-provoking project which has explored his marriage problems, his love for his children and his mental health problems (as shown on the cover which says "I hate b…

Introducing... The Covasettes

The Covasettes first came to my attention a while back, their indie-tune 'This Feeling' grabbed me immediately and from that first listen I knew this band were something special. Coming from the land of music royalty, Manchester, it's in their DNA to build on the foundations of an already fantastic musical heritage. They've just released the latest banger to add to their discography 'Top Drawer' which is a clear sign that The Covasettes have found their sound and now they're hellbent on perfecting it! I was lucky enough to chat with lead singer, Chris Buxton, regarding their uprising, their Manchester roots and what is the ultimate plan for the band...

Question. Where did the name The Covasettes come from?
The Covasettes:
There are a fair few stories floating around as to how our name came to be, so we think we’ll leave it to the people to decide which story they believe, but we can safely say, that it came from the heart.

Q. What made you want to get into mus…