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HURD - The Monthly Vinyl Subscription you HAVE to Join!

Hurd are a vinyl subscription service that was started in 2016 by partners Gabby Barrett and Jack Miles who were both working in different forms of media but they were determined to do what they love - get into music. So they quit their jobs and started renovating a caravan in which thy held sessions for musicians. They toured a few festivals with it including Lee Fest and it was clear their dream was beginning to materialise. But they wanted to spread the word about all of this new music they were enjoying but the rest of the country wasn't, so they connected their adoration of the vinyl format with their love for new music and Hurd, my favourite vinyl subscription was born.

Trudy & The Romance was their first ever edition, which Hurd were kind enough to send to me. Trudy have gone on to grow a cult following and have grown and grown since this record was released in November 2016. Despite Gabby and Jack clearly having a very keen eye for what bands should have their music pr…

Gary Numan at The Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry (13/3/18)

Gary Numan is just one of those people who is a legend or an icon, no matter your view on him you can’t deny his impact upon music, especially through the late 70s and early 80s. Ashamedly, I’ve only got into his music quite recently, as my music taste has evolved into something that adores synth-pop it has made the less accessible, accessible. I think Numan is less accessible due to his sheer power with synths, it really is a talent that is nigh on unmatched to this very day.

Warwick Arts Centre is in Coventry (go figure) and right in the middle of Warwick Uni’s campus (go figure again). It’s a lovely little venue, currently undergoing reconstruction so there’s some building work about. It doubles up as a cinema as well which I found ultra cool. In the main foyet there was a makeshift table which was also the merch stand. The merch was ridiculously expensive, I don’t know when it became acceptable to charge £30 (T H I R T Y P O U N D S) for a tour tee, tees that are renowned for be…

My 25 Record Store Day 2018 Must-Haves

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Record Store Day is creeping up on us now, and despite it receiving wider spread criticism than it ever has, I'm still unashamedly on board with it. I get that it puts pressure on pressing plants and results in some releases being pushed back, I completely understand the negatives. However, on no other day of the year are you going to see people camping outside their record store for any release, it never happens because most pre-order or just waltz in during the day to pick it up. Not to mention, this is a really good social event. I've met lots of like minded people, a lot who were only there for a single release and some who were desperately seeking a plethora of things. Nonetheless, in fear of this getting too ranty - here is my list of the 25 things I'm going to be looking out for on Record Store Day, 2018.......
Jake Bugg - Alcohol
It's hard to remember a time when I wasn't a fan of Jak…