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Introducing... Future Fires

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Introducing... The Shakers

The Shakers make the perfect indie pop, their tunes emit a feeling of joy that is barely matched in the music world. Their tunes can be related to those of bands such as The Orielles or with the production of Jungle. The London-based 5-piece have been growing and growing at such a pace that it wouldn't be ridiculous to see them doing arena tours within the next few years! I had the chance to catch up with the band to chat about their incessantly catchy new single "Get Me Down" which will definitely get your toe tapping faster with every listen. Read the full interview below:

Question. Hey guys, How has it been releasing your new single, "Get Me Down", into the world?
The Shakers: It has been amazing. This one has been a pretty long time in the making so not only is it really exciting to see people’s reactions to the song it has been a huge build up for us personally so it is awesome to see it out there and start getting some nice reactions.

Q. Post-release is the…

Introducing... Anna Pancaldi

See Anna Pancaldi on Tour for Free!
Anna Pancaldi is a phenomenally talented singer-songwriter who you may know from her huge hit "Brother" a song that has resonated in the heart of so many people across the world, leading her on tours all over the globe. Anna is due to release her brand new EP on the 5th October and then embark on a free UK tour which you can get tickets to at the top and bottom of this article. Anna Pancaldi's music sets a high bar for emotional songwriting whilst, in her own words, maintaining the ambiguity which means it's relevant to almost every single person. Read my interview with her below which explores her musical upbringing, her future tours and what it's like to have a song with a million streams...
Question. Hello Anna, your music is so deep, emotional and personal. Does that ever make you hesitant to release certain pieces of music? Are there any songs that haven't seen the light of day due to this?
Anna Pancaldi:
It has at times…

Live Review: Goat Girl at The Cookie, Leicester (07/09/2018)

Goat Girl are a London based, alt-rock band who earlier this year released their self-titled debut album. Despite all of the singles being fantastic pieces that melded grunge, rock and a few other genres into the melting pot I found that the album never really resonated that deeply with me. Due to the singles though I'd already booked a ticket to see them, so I was excited to see how the album translated to the stage. That was until it was cancelled on the day of the event due to the drummer falling sick, this was in march and the day finally rolled around which they'd scheduled.

With their goat heads on poles on stage and the lighting of The Cookie it was a dreary affair, and the morbid sounds of Goat Girl's music added to the darkness of the atmosphere. It was as enticing as it was exciting to see a band that were so into their own image of dark music that it conveyed onto the stage. With their socially charged tracks and their ability to stir this atmosphere it made Go…

Introducing... The Jacks

The Jacks are a rock 'n' roll band by their own accord, and they're very adamant about that. Whether they'll be the saviours of the genre remains to be seen but what we do know is that they're one of the most promising bands rising from over the Atlantic - in the UK we get very little rock from America but The Jacks blend a perfect mixture of British rock with their own American twist on it. Their single "Tonight" is a certified anthem in its own right which will have even the most miserable person tapping their foot. There is big things coming for these guys. Take a read of my interview with them below:
Question. Hey guys, how would you define your music?
The Jacks:
We like to think of our music as raw Rock n Roll with a modern spin. We are trying to create something that sounds timeless and unique at the same time.

Q. You've just released "Tonight", what are the thoughts and feelings behind that song?
The Jacks:
 It was the first time that we…

The Power of The Single

When I was younger it felt like the single was king, I'm sure it wasn't though. The charts felt like they meant more, there was some decent singles that soaked their way through into the top 40 every now and then and some of the pop was genuinely quite imaginative. Fast forward 10 years to 2018 though and it feels as though the charts are there to be reaped by the lowest denominator. Whether this is a question of streaming now being accounted for in the charts, or if it's just a mission to create a catchy tune with no sort of substance whatsoever.

I feel like the perfect example of this would be to look at Calvin Harris. A fair few years ago he was making some imaginative dance, plenty of it was critically acclaimed with tunes like "Acceptable In The 80's" - I never personally liked that but the idea behind it of infusing some elements of techno along with a tune that sounded like it was straight from the 80's. Then Calvin Harris started to hire people t…

Introducing... Open Arms

Open Arms are an indie pop band based out of Birmingham that are currently unsigned, hell bent on doing everything on their own terms it really shines through in their music. Their tracks have the distinct tone of perfectionism, creating a sound that feels like the deepest depths of summer, the ultimate indie pop anthems. "Honey" is a personal favourite as it clearly portrays their individualism. I had the chance to chat with frontman Ben Farmer regarding their rise up until this point...
Question. Hey Ben, so what message do you feel that Open Arms are trying to portray?
Open Arms:
Hi Karl - I think our ethos as a band is to create music that can translate to a wide audience. We are a totally self made band so for us its really important that we create in a free way and our music is an embodiment of that.

Q. When going into the studio are you purposely trying to create a certain sound or do you let it naturally flow?
We don't tend to do the stereotypical studio session…