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Introducing... Fred Seul

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Record Store Day 2018 Haul

If you're interested then check out my stories from previous Record Store Day's RSD 2016 RSD 2017 So vinyl Christmas has rolled around again, this time garnering more hate than it ever has before. I've seen more hate than love for it this year and I just have one question for them people. What other day of the year has people queuing down the street for hours, sometimes days, before the shop even opens. Nonetheless, my old man came with me this year - giving my girlfriend a well deserved rest from early hours queuing - and as we rocked up to Ignite Records in Birmingham at 6:30 we found that we were in the top 10 of the line of glazed eyed people. Bonus! As the sun started to shine over Birmingham and the chat was flowing in the queue we were surprised to see that the doors opened a few minutes early. At this point you just know it's a good day, especially when you're so close to the front of the queue! I got one hell of a haul this year because it was just such a g…

Where Have They All Gone?

Cassettes I had a vast collection of Cassette tapes back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Literally hundreds of them stacked up in these little plastic trays that you could buy from Woolworths for £1.99. There was everything from Big Audio Dynamite to Hot Chocolate on pre-recorded tapes and any album I could get my hands on recorded on various BASF tapes. I seem to remember the Chrome C90 being my personal pocket money favourite, £2 for 5 tapes. The collection was crowned by the king of cassette tapes a BASF Metal. You had to press a button on your tape deck to get the best out of that baby! I recorded the Beatles white album on it and promptly knocked the tab out the top, so I couldn’t tape over it. Pure class.

I cannot ever remember throwing a tape away, so where did they go? And come to mention it where did they all go? Shops were full of them and they sold in good numbers. You get the odd box full in a second-hand record shop but in general they are gone. I can only assume the bulk of…

Introducing... Georgia Fearn

Georgia Fearn is a very talented, 17 year old, musician. She just recently self released her debut album "Perfect on Paper" containing the stomping single "L'Amour" which defines a tendency to experiment and to evolve even though she's at such an early stage of her career. Her music is a soft blend of indie folk with the personalisation you would expect from a singer songwriter. There's clear links to famous musicians such as Norah Jones and even Kate Nash with the way she writes songs. Check out my interview with her below...

Question. How did you get into music, Georgia?
Georgia Fearn: Ever since I was little me and my grandmother Myfanwy used to sing together and that’s really how I started off. When I was about six my older cousins used to put on karaoke and let me ‘perform’ a show in front of them, something I discovered i really loved to do.

Q. Has it always come naturally to you or is it something you’ve really had to work towards?
GF: Writing music…

Live Review: Arcade Fire at Genting Arena, Birmingham (15/4/18)

Everything Now made me a fan of Arcade Fire, they’re a band that I’ve never really gotten into with their folky-jazz infused sound never pushing my buttons. However, my Dad’s always been a fan so I had to get these tickets for him for Christmas. I’ve probably never waited so long for a gig, I booked these in July LAST YEAR! I’ve never seen a gig in the round neither so I was extra buzzing for that.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t rounded off the seats in the Genting Arena so the seat still all pointed to where a stage should be and we were seated right next to where the stage usually is. There wasn’t a worse seat in the house, we would have ruined our necks hadn’t it be for the whole venue seating. Nonetheless, luckily we missed the Jazz band support act and waited in anticipation for the main event. There was 4 large screens above each side of the boxing ring of a stage which spontaneously had a Texan man come on and begin to get the crowd riled up every now and then.

Eventually, the l…