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Introducing... Georgia Fearn

Georgia Fearn is a very talented, 17 year old, musician. She just recently self released her debut album "Perfect on Paper" containing the stomping single "L'Amour" which defines a tendency to experiment and to evolve even though she's at such an early stage of her career. Her music is a soft blend of indie folk with the personalisation you would expect from a singer songwriter. There's clear links to famous musicians such as Norah Jones and even Kate Nash with the way she writes songs. Check out my interview with her below...

Question. How did you get into music, Georgia?
Georgia Fearn: Ever since I was little me and my grandmother Myfanwy used to sing together and that’s really how I started off. When I was about six my older cousins used to put on karaoke and let me ‘perform’ a show in front of them, something I discovered i really loved to do.

Q. Has it always come naturally to you or is it something you’ve really had to work towards?
GF: Writing music…

Live Review: Arcade Fire at Genting Arena, Birmingham (15/4/18)

Everything Now made me a fan of Arcade Fire, they’re a band that I’ve never really gotten into with their folky-jazz infused sound never pushing my buttons. However, my Dad’s always been a fan so I had to get these tickets for him for Christmas. I’ve probably never waited so long for a gig, I booked these in July LAST YEAR! I’ve never seen a gig in the round neither so I was extra buzzing for that.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t rounded off the seats in the Genting Arena so the seat still all pointed to where a stage should be and we were seated right next to where the stage usually is. There wasn’t a worse seat in the house, we would have ruined our necks hadn’t it be for the whole venue seating. Nonetheless, luckily we missed the Jazz band support act and waited in anticipation for the main event. There was 4 large screens above each side of the boxing ring of a stage which spontaneously had a Texan man come on and begin to get the crowd riled up every now and then.

Eventually, the l…

Introducing... The Lids

Question. First and foremost, where did The Lids come from, how did the band become established?
The Lids:
Well me (Rhys) and Liam are brothers, we both started playing guitar about 10 years ago. We wanted to start a band but couldn't find a bass guitarist, so liam switched to the bass cus he sucked at guitar! We’ve been in a few bands together but The Lids is the first band that we have really taken seriously. Our drummer, Sam, only joined us a couple of months ago and he has fit in really well. It’s good to have Sam in as he offers a different perspective on things as he’s only just joined. (And he’s an amazing drummer so that helps) x

Q. Where did the band name, The Lids, originate?
We didn't really have a name and a mate suggested The Lids so we went with it and never changed it, so it's stuck!

Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
I think we focus heavily on making the chorus very punchy and something the crowd can fully engage wi…

Introducing... Kid Kapichi

Kid Kapichi are a rock outfit from Sussex, who have been pouring oil on the fire they started with their debut EP. Oftentimes, we'll see a band try to be cool, but it comes off as too needy. We don't see that with that Kid Kapichi as they ooze coolness and swagger, and despite sounding as though they're a Japanese gang (I'm too jealous of their crazy cool name) they've been playing out their headphones ever since they came to my attention. I was lucky enough to get to chat with frontmen Ben Beetham and Jack Wilson (Both vocals and guitar). This dynamic of two frontmen is something I've been enjoying lately and the way that Kid Kapichi execute it is near perfect. Carry on reading to find out about the origin of their name, their music style and how they create...
Question. I love the story of how your band name came about, but just for the readers could you tell them the story in full?
It came about after we recorded our first load of demo’s at a studio in …

Live Review: Kris Barras Band at The Musician, Leicester (13/4/18)

Kris Barras is an ex-MMA fighter (I know right?!) who has taken his passion for fighting and throw it into being an exemplary blues rock guitarist. Couple that level of skill with a great voice and you have someone of bags of your talent on your hands. He's touring his latest album "The Divine and Dirty" it combines a great mixture of blues rock, heavy rock and guitars to die.

The Musician isn't the best venue I've ever been to, I say this because there were three people stood next to me at the gig doing line after line of coke and no one even batted an eye lid at it. Crazy. Nonetheless, I don't pass judgment on a performance just because of where it happens and Kris Barras absolutely stomped this performance!

His voice live is one of the best things I've heard, fluctuating between notes with ease and causing havoc with his guitar. It's the sort of guitar playing where in a cartoon his axe would set on fire as he's strumming it, his intricate gui…

Live Review: Cabbage at Dryden Street Social, Leicester (12/4/18)

Cabbage are one of my favourite bands out right now, a post-punk outfit from Manchester who have been blowing up the scene for a while now. After releasing stellar EP after stellar EP and then their collection "Young, Dumb & Full of..." they've quickly become a band that I hold close to my heart. With their addictive tunes and over bearing vocals and specific uniqueness, it's just brilliant. This is my fourth time seeing them and with the added tunes from their brilliant debut album "Nihilistic Glamour Shots" - it was a night to behold!

Opening with "Preach To The Converted" is genius, it's the perfect warm-up, and it got the crowd bouncing. I don't think there was a person left in the place who wasn't sweating as they bounced through tracks like "Uber Capitalist Death Trade" and new hit "Arms of Pleonexia" which were clear fan favourites!
Unfortunately, there's always that one idiot in the crowd who shouts o…