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Introducing... NAMES

NAMES are a band hailing from Wales, a music scene that appears to be bursting at the seams at the moment with phenomenal acts such as Boy Azooga, Estrons & We're No Heroes it's easy to see why a lot of labels are focusing their attention on that area. NAMES are different though, more sincere and genuine than a lot of musical acts out there with a voice to die for and the melodies to match. Their single "Limb By Limb" is an absolute cracker and I recommend checking it out immediately.

Question. Why did you call yourselves NAMES?
Ioan Hazell:
We always felt that Names had a refreshing sense of anonymity (it was also what we had written as the title of the list of potential band names.
Joey Robbins: The fact that it's such an unusual name, and the kind of mysterious vibe it carries appealed to us.

Q. Was there ever the thought process that it was never going to get you to the top of a google search?
Yeah, thats an unfortunate truth of it, it forces people to learn the song names though!

Q. How often are you going into the studio to record new songs?
We are trying to record just about as frequently as possible, ioan is perpetually demoing with his home set up. At the moment we are slightly restricted by distance but at least every few months.
JR: As I am in London, the distance is a slight issue when it comes to productivity, but our aim is to keep the project as smooth and natural as possible avoiding any stress, we go to the studio whenever is best for us, and with an endless supply of new material thanks to Ioan, there is always stuff to be cracking on with.

Q. What is the recording process usually like for NAMES?
Not very formulaic! We swap roles and ideas, it's where the fun really happens for us creatively i think!
JR: Very stress free as we give ourselves plenty of time to wrok within to ensure we get everything done the way we want.

Q. Are you laying down the tune first or does the lyrics come first?
That really depends on the song, the lyrics normally get changed in the studio with any melodic changes also.

Q. What kind of things are you always looking to implement into your music?
Experimentation to aid atmospheric potency is a big one for us, lots of wooshing and heavily messed around with sound.

Q. How hard is it to write such tender, meaningful songs?
Not so hard, i think it's the doing of circumstance rather than a conscious effort. None of our songs are lies or fiction, it's all some kind of version of real life.

Q. "Limb by Limb" is not very old but it's received incredible amounts of love. How does that feel?
The response to limb by limb has been wonderful, it has been really great to have people say such kind things about a song we felt fairly torn about following recording, for us it was certainly a grower.

Q. What does that song mean to you?
Like any song, it was once of extreme relevance to me (ioan) i feel now that that song if anything is more of a lesson.

Q. It's such an open and intimate song. Is that something that just naturally developed or is that exactly what you were going for?
Again, the lyric writing is a fairly involuntary process,
So yeah i guess it developed about as naturally as it could have.

Q. How does it feel to be coming out of, what feels like, the golden age of music for Wales?
Like any golden age i think it depends where you look, but we have got to know some incredible and inspiring musicians along the way and that's definitely a blessing.
JR: To me being around and getting to know so many great musicians and artists is very inspiring and helps add to my motivation towards the project.

Q. Who are some of your favourite up and coming Welsh artists?
I personally am obsessed with los blancos!
JR: One band who have recently grown on me big time is Castles.

Q. What's next for NAMES and what's the ultimate goal?
We are planning to record and gig more, i don't like to base plans upon an ultimate goal, we will take whatever the songs get us

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