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Liam Gallagher - As You Were (Review)

Britpop and Oasis legend, Liam Gallagher, previously tweeted that he'll "Never do a solo album" because that's what "C*nts" do. Fast forward to 2017 and yet here we are with LG's first solo album. The questions is, has he redeemed himself after those words or has he been left with egg on his face. The short answer is he's redeemed himself, however it's not quite that simple.

As You Were is an incredibly comfortable album, which in a way is by no means bad thing because this is exactly the album that I wanted from the king of Twitter himself, but I would have liked a few curveballs in there, something a little bit more risque. On the other hand, you could say that the tempo of the album is a little risky, it's slower than I thought with the downer songs being less than sporadic.

What Liam has really encapsulated though is his famously unique, hoarse yet harmonious vocals. And that's something I'm glad to say because the singing on Beady Eye's last album was, in parts, terrible. But on songs like Greedy Soul and China Town I really enjoyed Liam's voice.

For What It's Worth is the real show stopper though, with it's plea to his Oasis counterpart it shows some very real and some very raw emotions that shine through brighter than anything else on the album. But for the most part, as I said before, this is a very safe album and it barely even puts a tip toe out of his comfort zone, with songs like Universal Gleam and Bold being a bit of a downer and the lower points of the album. However, it's the stomping opener, Wall of Glass that really exudes rock n roll and that famous Liam Gallagher charm. However, all in all this is a very decent album and it's something that you can just put on and jam to no matter what your mood. And if Noel's album is anything like the first single, Holy Mountain, then I know which Gallagher brother will be winning 2017.



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