The Mothers Earth Experiment - The Mothers Earth Experiment (Review)

The Mothers Earth Experiment are a band, signed to Birmingham based record label, Swordfish Records. Swordfish is a fantastic little record store situated right in the heart of Birmingham. It's where I get most of my Record Store Day releases (2016 & 2017 posts right here). Within TMEE they've found a rare, unpolished gem in music. Unsigned bands with such eclectic talent and a clear career are very hard to come by in the day and age where a band can become famous without even playing a live show. Mothers Earth Experiment have rose to the level they are at by constantly touring the UK, and of course dropping excellent music. The first single from this album, Cool Down Mama, is a great track that really enhances the vocals and let's them shine through. But do not ignore the eclectic electric guitars on this track, because in parts of this track they sound so iridescently perfect you begin to wonder whether or not it is genuinely possible to have an eargasm. This is a common theme throughout the album, the guitar playing on here is so brilliant, the band must be seeping talent in the studio.

One of the things that are very evident with the album is the influences of the band, with so many influences and sounds intertwined into a single record you would expect the fluidity to be ruined but that is not the case. Instead what we have here is a perfect combination of Jazz, Soul, Classic Rock and much more. The psychedelic vibes has to be one of my favourite points of the album, because the whole thing feels like one big trip and I was thoroughly gripped the whole way through. This is something that you often don't get with songs that sometimes equate to 9 minutes but I found myself not even thinking that terrible thing as a reviewer "How long's left on this?" instead, at times, I felt as if I was in guitar heaven. What is also very fantastic about this record is just the purity of it. There are no signs of over-production or blanketing, instead we have a pure sound as the artist would have intended. But most of all, what we have here is a fantastic debut from The Mothers Earth Experiment, this is only the beginning for them, I'm thoroughly looking forward to what's next!