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KMMR's TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2018 // 50-41

So here we kick off the top albums list, with the first ten that scrape into the top 50 list. It's been a long year dominated by the mess of the politics of the world, but in turn that only brings out the best of the musical world. Let's get started right away then, at nuuuuumber fifty...
50. Gabe Gurnsey - Physical
I discovered Gabe Gurnsey's music through the reccomendation of Rough Trade and boy am I glad that I did. His drumming over experimental synths and samples leads to a soundscape that is unmatched in anything I've ever heard but the songs also work as individual pieces. The 12" of Eyes Over is a representation of this. A great electronic album.
49. Bernhoft & The Fashion Bruises - Humanoid
I went to see Bernhoft live last month and he was absolutely brilliant. It made me enjoy this album all that much more. The title track is a clear hit with it's electronic sampling mixing with Bernhoft's R&B style provides the blueprint for the rest of …


It's that time again, the time of year where I have to look at every single album I've listened to this year and not only wonder where I've found the time to listen to so much music but pick which ones are my favourites. I think this might be harder than my Uni degree... or not... or maybe, there's nothing wrong with overreacting! Anyway, here is my honourable mentions that just missed out on securing their place in the top 50...

Troye Sivan - Bloom
I discovered Troye Sivan by going on one of my dives through related artists on Spotify and listening to people I've never heard of, after telling my girlfriend I think I've found a gem she informed me that he was inf act already very famous and a few days later he released a smash hit with Charli XCX - so what do I know ey? But this album is honest, beautiful and well crafted, I simply just never revisited it which is usually a good indicator for my albums of the year lists.
Typhoon - Offerings
I loved this album so…