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Introducing... Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi is a phenomenally talented singer-songwriter who you may know from her huge hit "Brother" a song that has resonated in the heart of so many people across the world, leading her on tours all over the globe. Anna is due to release her brand new EP on the 5th October and then embark on a free UK tour which you can get tickets to at the top and bottom of this article. Anna Pancaldi's music sets a high bar for emotional songwriting whilst, in her own words, maintaining the ambiguity which means it's relevant to almost every single person. Read my interview with her below which explores her musical upbringing, her future tours and what it's like to have a song with a million streams...

Question. Hello Anna, your music is so deep, emotional and personal. Does that ever make you hesitant to release certain pieces of music? Are there any songs that haven't seen the light of day due to this?
Anna Pancaldi:
It has at times made me question whether to release particular tracks, but I also then realised as long as there is enough ambiguity lyrically and space for people to take the song and relate it to their own situation then I’m at peace with it. I especially had that reaction with ‘Brother’ and it was very touching to have so many people contact me saying how much it had expressed how they themselves felt but couldn’t articulate.

Q. What is the most challenging thing you find whilst recording music?
Definitely the pressure of needing it to be your best work and for me vocally that I find the most stressful. I get there in the end, but just want it to be perfect which applies pressure and requires more attention when your instrument is a part of your body.

Q. How important has it been for you coming from a family with musical talent embedded into it?
It is truly special because it is being passed down through the family from my dad to me and having their encouragement and full support for my career choice is immeasurable. Having a voice is a piece of magic to me because you’re born with it, which you're then left to discover at a point in your life and decide if you’ll use it and I find that quite amazing. You can enhance, grow and strengthen it, but ultimately your vocal chords are placed there in your framework. Magic!

Q. What do you feel has been the most important aspect of making the music that you want to make?
Being true to being the artist I want to be stylistically, creatively and expressing the most pertinent topics and feelings related to the life I have lived thus far. It’s easy to get caught up in the varying and crowded opinions from many people within the industry and it’s imperative you have a team of people who have your best interests at heart, whom you trust and can be completely frank and honest with you.

Q. How hard is it to keep pushing to better yourself when you already have songs that have hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify and songs that are beloved by so many of your fans?
I don’t truly feel that any artist ever reaches a point where they're comfortable or complacent with the level they have reached. For me success is an ever moving target and so I know my life in music will never need motivation to continue expanding. I am just thrilled that music I have written has connected with strangers and ignites my determination to keep building a fan base around the world to play bigger shows and reaching a wider audience. My passion through and through of which I am unshakably committed.

Q. Obviously, "Brother" is incredibly big at this point, what has it been like seeing the whole journey of the song from idea to nearly a million plays on Spotify alone?
It was such a surprise because I have never had that many streams before nor received such a reaction to a song I had written, it was completely heart warming and a turning point for me. Affirmation and confirmation that I must be doing something right, so a relief that the hard work is paying off!

Q. Your UK tour is not so far away, what are you looking forward to the most about getting back on stage?
Seeing the fans and being surrounded by that energy you can only get when on stage. It’s where I come alive! So much of what I do is based online and music gets made behind closed doors, so it’s the one time I’m face to face seeing the reaction and connecting with fans. Priceless!

Q. Are there any differences you've found when touring the UK in comparison to touring other countries?
I have been very lucky with being met with great support and kindness at the shows I have played, most of the time anyway! Haha. Germany though are up the top there, they’re so enthusiastic and engaging where as some cities you can get a sense that people are more reserved.

Q. Which venues/cities do you wish you could visit on the upcoming tour?
Oh there are so many! For future tours I would like to tour across Europe more extensively, Canada, Japan, Australia!

Q. What lies for you further in the future than the upcoming tour?
AP: I drop the new single ‘Peace’ on Oct 5th, then the EP comes shortly after and I head back to Germany. Then I’ll be back in the studio and touring the US next year and spending more time there. Lots to do and I can’t wait!


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