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Introducing... Ted Russet

Artists like Ted Russet don't come along very often, a rare breed of singer-songwriters who utilise every inch of their own talent without the interruption of outside forces. We saw this years ago with Ed Sheeran and now he's selling out stadiums - people love a natural talent. Ted has only released two songs so far, and yet you can have hours of fun with them, both joyous occasions in their own right with "Crazy Perfect" forming an open love letter to Ted's girlfriend after a night out and "Gold Dust" becoming an empowering anthem that can lift anyone out of their current blues. Find out what Ted had to say about his music below...

Question. Hi Ted, what are the thoughts and feelings behind latest single 'Crazy Perfect'?
Ted Russet: I really enjoyed the process behind writing and recording Crazy Perfect as it is about my incredible girlfriend. As cheesy as this may sound I don't often write love songs but I finally bit the bullet and try to put a little bit of a different spin on the idea of love songs by adding our personal experiences in the beginning of our relationship into the song. 

Q. The cheesy chips line is kind of gross but it's such a perfect representation of a budding relationship. How did that idea and lyrics come about?
TR: haha thanks, this idea stemmed from me being woken up at early hours in the morning when my girlfriend came in from a night out with her girls. She tried to be sweet and give me a kiss but as the line says I could taste her recently eaten cheesy chips on her lips.

Q. The single cover is perfectly representative as well. How did you manage to get such a brilliant cover?
TR: I'm a bg fan of a band called Foxe and found out that their artwork was done by their drummer Mat Turrell and got in contact with him. He was up to the challenge and after a brief brainstorm we both agreed on the idea and he took it from there. Probably my favourite artwork I have had so far.

Q. Who have you always looked to for inspiration?
TR: Musically I'm a big fan of John Mayer and anything that makes me go "what the hell is that" either because the song is great or the sounds are unusual. Artistically I love 80's music and the way they presented their music with strong melodies and messages so im a big fan of that era.

Q. Your songwriting feels very personal, do you strive to create that?
TR: Yeah I definitely want every song to be a reflection of either me or an experience I have had. that way It feels like I have a high to sing it you know? like I wouldn't be able to write a song about heartbreak if I never had my heartbroken cause I wouldn't truly know what I was talking about.

Q. What made you write 'Gold Dust'?
TR: The true story behind why the song is written still remains a mystery to anyone who has asked and I think its one of those experiences that I'm going to have to keep secret, at least for now.

Q. The song explores acceptance and negativity - is this something that it important to you and the music you create?
TR: Yeah definitely. In the end no one has a clue what the hell they are doing and the best way to help each other through it is to embrace and encourage each other through it. With this project I want to push as much positivity as possible an only have feel good vibes.
Q. What can we expect from your upcoming live shows?
TR: Dancing, singing and hopefully a lot of happy people having a great time.

Q. How has it changed your life stepping into the music industry and releasing music?
TR: I though that it would be this massive deal, little did I know the second you pick up a guitar or stand on stage you're in the industry. Its not hard to be a part of but its hard to hit the top of and I would say it's definitely easier to settle into a career elsewhere but no way near as fun. Nothing beats playing a show or writing a song with your mates or just losing yourself at a really great gig.

Q. What do you feel has helped you the most at getting people to hear your music?
TR: Being honest in song writing and not being a d*ck. if you have good music people will listen to it and will definitely want to encourage it.
Q. What advice would you give to people who are planning to start make music?
TR: Be honest, respect everyone, have fun and try as many musical ideas as possible.

Q. What lies for you in the future?
TR: I have no idea, isn't that terribly exciting!


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