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Introducing... The Calamity

The Calamity are a band that defy genres and produce music that they want to make. Ultimately this will always lead to better music being produced and these guys are no exception, the Wolverhampton based band have a care free attitude that is just as infectious as their tunes. They've just released their self-titled EP which you definitely have to check out because it shows a clear sign of a band that are riotous and collected in equal measures, in turn flexing their writing abilities with some really well written tunes! Luckily, I had the chance to chat with Billy Haynes (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Steph Haynes (Bass), Matt Smith (Guitar) and Casper Drake (Percussion) regarding their latest release along with their musical aspirations and why everything isn't what it seems in the industry sometimes...
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Question. How did you end up with the name 'The Calamity'?
Billy: It got pulled out…

My Verdict on the Mercury Prize 2018 Nominees

It's probably been one of the most controversial lists in years with many people feeling the list is stale and people have been nominated people because they are who they are. The Mercury Prize has always been something I've looked to find out albums that I've missed and should check out - It helped me to find Loyle Carner and certified that I was missing out big time on The Big Moon. However, this year has diminished that a lot and I'm not saying that all the albums I think should have been nominated SHOULD be nominated because that's a ridiculous way of thinking but HOW oh HOW have Shame not been nominated. They released one of the best debut album's I've ever heard and they've been snubbed - it's disgraceful. However, let's run through all the nominees and I'll give you a rating as to how likely it is to win. This should be fun...

Lily Allen - No Shame Thought I'd better start with this one because to be honest it's the most contr…

Live Review: Anna Burch @ The Musician, Leicester

Anna Burch is a Detroit based singer-songwriter who released her debut solo album, Quit The Curse, in February 2018 - it received high praise all round. A stark contrast to her folk-rock past to turn to indie pop and what a masterful stroke that was. It really is a great album and "Asking 4 A Friend" really is one of the greatest songs to be released this year. So, naturally you'd want to hear that live.

The Musician is just one of those venues where it feels better when it's not full. There was a great vibe in the crowd as it was clear that all of these people were huge fans of the woman gracing the stage. Anna swiftly kicked into the highest gear and performed her debut album in its entirety. Stopping in between only to have some banter and tell some interesting stories regarding all of her songs. Anna's vocal performance was absolutely flawless and the band she had strung together played her songs with ease. We were even treated to an encore that included a b…

Artists of Tomorrow (Part 5)

Airways  Airways are a band who seem to have snuck out of nowhere and are now touring the country with The Hunna. The Peterborough natives were formed purely by a chance encounter in America and I discovered the same way, trawling through Spotify and finding a band that I liked the look of. Their music resonates with a lot of people because it's as infectious as it is innovative and that's always a great mixture! For fans of Circa Waves and The Hunna. 
The Lids Of courses I have to support the Leicester natives, but I'm not going to blindly follow a band - these guys are incredibly decent and their recent tune "Delectable" is a proper rock n roll stomper of an anthem. The band have an incredible knack for producing loud, raucous and boisterous tunes that will just stick with you for the whole day.  For fans of Kasabian, Oasis, The Jam.
NAMES NAMES are a young Welsh band who have taken on the sombre sounds of bands like The Smiths and evolved it and made it their own.…

The Hunna - Dare (Album Review)

The Hunna's first album, 100, was a genuine pop rock triumph. With tracks like "She's Casual" and "Piece By Piece" there's no way they could have failed. After catching them on tour with that album and seeing a show plagued with sound issues where I could barely hear the lead singer, Ryan Potter, illustrious vocals. Nonetheless, it's a small issue that wouldn't stop anyone from being a fan.

So I was understandably very excited for the second album which was announced to be called Dare. Then the track "Dare" was released and I wasn't a fan of it, it felt unimaginative and like it was trying too hard to not only recapture the sound of the first album but to also be more edgy and show a darker sound to them. Then the singles "Y.D.W.I.W.M" and "NY to LA" came out and I was just resorting to the fact that this album wasn't going to be for me.

However, a week before the albums release I revisited the singles and …

Album of The Half Year

I said after the quarter point of the year that there had been no albums that have really stood out to me as of yet. I was wrong, since then we've had a plethora of albums and there's been so much good stuff! It helped that Kanye released an album a week for five weeks, as 3 of those make it into this list and I think Nas' album might be sitting pretty highly once I've had abit more time to digest it. But up to now, here's my favourite album up to this point of the year. Let me know what your top 10 albums of the year have been so far on my socials below!
Album of The 1st Quarter
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10. A$AP Rocky - Te$ting (New)
At this point, A$AP is pribably one of my favourite rappers and he's definitely one of the most consistent. He's dropped off my radar as of late so seeing this pop up in the Spotify new releases section was a surprise but what a welcome surprise it was. A$AP brings back his cloud rap back to life with a lot more trap influence…

Top 25 Oasis Songs: 10-1

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Top 25 Songs: 25-11
10. Half The World Away (Whatever B-Side)
The Royle Family theme tune has been a favourite of mine for years, a tune to sing your heart out to but also be able to just sit and listen to. I'm traditionally more of a fan of the Liam-sung tunes but this is right up there in terms of Noel songs, it's just so heartfelt and presents a whole other side of the band.
9. The Masterplan (Wonderwall B-Side)
I'm not the biggest fan of Wonderwall, it might be because of the constant overplaying of the tune as I was growing up. However, along with its B-Sides it must be one of the greatest singles of all time. The Masterplan is another Noel led tune that has made this list, and I've been lucky enough to see this live on Noel's solo tour, and it's absolutely unmatched! A classic in it's own right that only ever made it into being a B-Side.

8. D'You Know What I Mean

The song that made me an Oasis fan,…

Introducing... April Towers

April Towers have been described as a 'fusion of Pet Shop Boys and LCD Soundsystem' and honestly what more information do you need than that? The duo from Nottingham have just released their much awaited debut album 'Certified Freaky' to much praise from old and new fans alike. And I have to say, it's a great listen, intriguing sounds intertwining subject matter that didn't resonate with me until the second listen where I really dedicated some time to actually sit and listen to the music properly. And despite producing such fun, enthusiastic an ground shaking bangers, I think this is the best way to listen to April Towers. I was lucky enough to grab an interview with the Midlands duo, Alex (Vocals) and Charlie (Guitar/Keyboard) discussing their debut album, being on a FIFA soundtrack and why they left out that song from their debut album...

Question. First and foremost, Where did the band name 'April Towers' originate?April Towers: I was working one day…