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Kanye West - ye (Album Review)

Kanye West took it upon himself to produce 5 different albums and release themm consecutively over the course of 5 weeks. Starting with Pusha T, we then saw ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nas and Teyana Taylor all drop projects. And arguably it's some of Kanye's best ever production work. The way that he flips samples, repeats them and turns them into a beat is incredible and it's unmatched in the rap game. It's easy to see how Cudi, Pusha and Nas have all released their best albums in years because of this.

Kanye's solo project was actually scrapped a month before release and he started again, completely from new - which is what we have here. Now, I'd love to hear the previous album and recognise the differences sonically and thematically because what Ye actually gave us was a very open, honest and thought-provoking project which has explored his marriage problems, his love for his children and his mental health problems (as shown on the cover which says "I hate b…

Introducing... The Covasettes

The Covasettes first came to my attention a while back, their indie-tune 'This Feeling' grabbed me immediately and from that first listen I knew this band were something special. Coming from the land of music royalty, Manchester, it's in their DNA to build on the foundations of an already fantastic musical heritage. They've just released the latest banger to add to their discography 'Top Drawer' which is a clear sign that The Covasettes have found their sound and now they're hellbent on perfecting it! I was lucky enough to chat with lead singer, Chris Buxton, regarding their uprising, their Manchester roots and what is the ultimate plan for the band...

Question. Where did the name The Covasettes come from?
The Covasettes:
There are a fair few stories floating around as to how our name came to be, so we think we’ll leave it to the people to decide which story they believe, but we can safely say, that it came from the heart.

Q. What made you want to get into mus…

Top 25 Oasis Songs: 25-11

This is probably not a shock to people who have read KMMR a few times in the past, but Oasis are my favourite band. Noel's writing and Liam's singing have just always been the perfect combo for me and their first two albums are two of the greatest albums of all time. Taking a mixture of rock and roll and pop with elements of rock they've carved their name right next to big glowing britpop sign, just above The Stone Roses. These songs are placed in order of how I love them and what they mean to me, so this is all purely opinion based. If yours differs to mine then let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

Click Here for the Top 10
11. Stand By Me
This one plays out like more of an epic. At umpteen minutes long you'd think that at some point you'd get bored of it. Wrong! I cherish every moment of this song whilst it's on, this is really is one of them songs that can just uplift my mood and it's a testament to Noel's songwriting abilities.
12. Don’t …

PMMR's Corner: Gigs & Wembley

I love to see a band perform live. In fact, I remember someone once saying that if you want to become a fan then see a band live, or something like that, and I couldn’t agree more. That wonderful feeling when you come out of a gig after being thoroughly entertained and you then go on for the next two weeks playing the music constantly until you either grow weary or another band steals your attention. It happens, and it is a fabulous reaction in these days of forced advertising and product placement, you cannot buy this and it’s an artist’s life blood.

It doesn’t matter which genre it is either. I recently saw Run the Jewels and loved them, and their support act Danny Brown got me listening to his back catalogue. Both brilliant live. The show had the feeling that they had put as much effort as possible into it. Danny Brown was a support act with his own light show! RTJ spent as much time talking to us as they did performing their fantastic music.

So, what happens when it goes awry?

Introducing... The Values

Across the Pacific, there's been a rise in indie music. Spearheaded by the like of LCD Soundsystem and The Strokes we're seeing a generation of Americans inspired by these bands. And whilst The Values are nothing like either of those bands, their infectious electro-come-power pop is something to behold. And yet whilst delivering such a sound they never shy away from the harsh topics - delivering views on abortion and domestic violence it's clear that this is a duo who are ready to stand up for what they believe and ultimately staying true to their name. The phenomenally talented couple have just released their EP 'Civil', which sees them produce a fantastic cover of Bruce Springsteen's classic. I got to chance with Evan and Mason regarding their latest EP, Mason's illustrious vocals and their plans to play Madison Square Gardens...

Question. I think The Values is a name that could be laced with meaning depending on the person, what does it mean to you and w…

Introducing... Bryony Williams

Every now and then an artist comes along who excites you and just grabs your attention, Bryony Williams is that artist. Her music covers many different sub genres of pop that conclude in a riveting and wholesome experience. Her latest EP, 'Conscience', sees her exploit a darker and yet in many ways more uplifting sound. Seeing an artist find their feet in such a way is always such an exciting prospect. But not only is Bryony an enormously talented singer-songwriter, she's also a phenomenally talented photographer hellbent on making her Grrrl Groannn brand become something more than a zine, something that will help many talented women gain the exposure they deserve. I was lucky enough to chat with the Birmingham based singer-songwriter regarding why her new EP is her best work yet, why experimenting with sounds is better than playing it safe and her self-proclaimed second home - The Sunflower Lounge...
Question: Hi Bryony, what first made you want to start making music?Bryon…

PMMR's Corner: What The Hell Was Prog Rock Anyway?!

I get really fed up with people talking of a golden age of music and saying that todays music is not a patch on the old stuff.

Let’s break this down a bit shall we.

Firstly, today's music scene is better than ever. The big corporations no longer have a say on what will be released, anyone with a computer and some talent can make some music. Also, the BBC can no longer pick the records we hear. There are literally hundreds of sources to listen to music, gone are the days when a ‘committee’ would sit down and decide what would be broadcast! I cannot believe this even existed! I often wonder how many potentially talented artists gave up because of this draconian and weird process. Not anymore! Live venues are more accessible than ever, merch is now easily made as is CD’s, vinyl, cassettes etc.

I still cannot believe that a bloody committee used to sit down and decide what we listened to! I always thought the DJ picked the music but obviously not. My childhood love of Top of the P…

Introducing... Bad Business

Bad Business may have been birthed out of an attempt a comedy web series, but they have grown into an alt-rock infused arena pop banger-producing band since then. A growth that hasn't been without it's problems as the lead singer, Alex Vans, will explain in great detail below. Whilst it would appear that they already have their image settled they even go as far as wearing suits on stage. It's a great idea and I think they might just be your next cult favourite band. So read on for more chat regarding working in an office, creative processes and a lot of boat-talk...

Question. Why did you decide to name the band 'Bad Business'?
Bad Business:
The name Bad Business came out of a comedy web series I made with my old stoner rock band when I was living in Washington, DC. (If you're interested in this relic, you can find it here.)  The premise was a bunch of failed musicians trying to act like "businessmen" in order to become famous. We wore three piece suit…

Pusha T - Daytona (Album Review)

King Push, a persona he bestowed upon himself, is probably one of my favourite rappers. A flow and a sound that harks back to the golden era of hip-hop along with punchlines that hit so hard they could knock out Ali in his prime. This is the first album to come from Kanye's Wyoming residence, something that has seen him make two albums of his own and produce 3 others. This is the first of that work overload to be released and what a way to start the series. 
The album opens with "If You Know You Know" the title reminds me of Biggie for some reason, must be that line from "Juicy". Nonetheless, this is Pusha in his prime and this song is just the start of it, with a flow better than anything I've heard in the past 5-10 years. This carries on throughout the rest of the album and it's just so clear that this thing has a Yeezy stamp on it with the wild synths and the obscure samples that work so perfectly well mixed into rap anthems.

And that is something I…

Caswell - Everyone Knows (Track Review)

So it's been a while hasn't it! Time has just gotten away from me and I haven't posted in a while - which means I've missed the time frame to review Caswell's new tune. But I'm going to review it anyway because I feel the need to spread the word and the work.

Everyone Knows is more of a solemn, melodic and harmonic tune than we saw on Caswell's EP "The Shadow Aspect". I think it shows a progression for the young Suffolk based artist, because the ability to slow down your tune and yet still make something so anthemic is the sign of a great songwriter. Sticking with the theme of love but detaching herself from it, assessing it from the outside and yet still getting sucked in to produce an outburst of personal feelings.

As per "The Shadow Aspect" the sound and mixing is so wholesome and so warm, it's hard not to fool yourself into thinking you're listening to a ready-made superstar. I can't quite fathom the tunes that Caswell w…