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Introducing... The Lids

Question. First and foremost, where did The Lids come from, how did the band become established?
The Lids:
Well me (Rhys) and Liam are brothers, we both started playing guitar about 10 years ago. We wanted to start a band but couldn't find a bass guitarist, so liam switched to the bass cus he sucked at guitar! We’ve been in a few bands together but The Lids is the first band that we have really taken seriously. Our drummer, Sam, only joined us a couple of months ago and he has fit in really well. It’s good to have Sam in as he offers a different perspective on things as he’s only just joined. (And he’s an amazing drummer so that helps) x

Q. Where did the band name, The Lids, originate?
We didn't really have a name and a mate suggested The Lids so we went with it and never changed it, so it's stuck!

Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
I think we focus heavily on making the chorus very punchy and something the crowd can fully engage with, then with verses and the bridge we tend to mix it up a bit and create something different but at the same time works in tandem with the chorus, we're always trying to add new elements too

Q. “Blacklist” is a personal favourite of mine, how did that song come about?
It started with me just playing the main riff on the guitar and we kind of just built on it from there. It was one of the first songs that we ever wrote, and the first song that we ever recorded.

Q. Your music ranges from heavy to soft and I love that transition, how do you manage to accomplish it with so much ease?
It's something that we try and do throughout all of our songs because it works with the sound we try and create . It often comes about in practice with all three of us playing along to something upbeat that either Liam or Rhys have come up with that we enjoy playing. We then use the chord patterns in particular to find a fitting melody for the verses.

Q. What is your creative process like?
We have an unwritten rule in practice whereby if anyone says "let's write a song", we go back and play our older stuff. We find it far more easy to create a song that clicks together of it's free-flowing and more natural and we tend to enjoy playing the new stuff more if it hasn't been studied as much. We don't know why but that's just how it works!

Q. How often are you writing and going into the studio?
We are in the studio going through the set list and preparing for gigs at least once a week and often more. In terms of writing we look to have a go at creating new music every time we go into the studio, not necessarily to write a sing but more to split up older stuff and try new things, and if we think it's something that can be built on then it's an added bonus.

Q. What comes first for you the lyrics or the music?
Music first. We've said we don't have the intention of writing we just try and find sounds that work and piece them together over time. When that's happened, Liam will work on a melody before the next practise and come up with the lyrics that he thinks fit the tune.

Q. Which of your songs mean the most to you, and why?
Probably Delectable. It's the first time we've properly tried something completely different with the synth and making a music video as well has had an impact on how much the song means due to it being the most we've ever done with a single tune.

Q. "It's Not The Weather" is a great tune, such a wholesome and brilliant tune. What's the story behind that track.
Thank you so much, glad you like it. The lyrics are all about people that think they're better than everyone else, but really they aren't!

Q. What was it like playing YNOT?
YNOT was wicked! It was the first major festival we had played. We loved the whole experience of the day, the crowd were amazing and the memory of us playing there will always stick with us.

Q. What's it like coming from the best city on earth, Leicester?
It's great for us, the upcoming music scene in Leicester is one of the most exciting we've seen, there's so many great bands and artists looking to come through with great potential and it's pretty cool being a part of it. Two of us are big City fans aswell so that makes things even better, little old Leicester City win the premier league, I think most of the country was behind us.

Q. How do you think the music scene in Leicester inspires you? Or does it not inspire you?
Both the success and potential of the music scene at home inspire us massively. Not only have we seen bands like Kasabian and even older artist like Showaddywaddy show what the city is capable of producing. It's good to look at stuff like that and see what's possible with a bit of hard work and dedication.

Q. Are you sick of people mentioning Kasabian when you mention Leicester?
Not at all no! The band have helped massively in putting Leicester on the map and they always stick to their roots and do gigs locally, support the football team and local organisations, so you can't get fed up of hearing that sort of thing. They've done such great things things both for the City itself and the music scene.

Q. How did the collaboration with Christian Fuchs come about?
Our band representative met Christian at a meet and greet in Highcross Shopping Centre and got chatting and played him a couple of our tracks and he loved them! It was great for us that he was keen to get involved. He's a lovely guy!

Q. What was that like?
It's amazing to have someone with that much influence supporting us of course and obviously with the majority of us being Leicester fans it was unbelievable to think he knows who we are! It's great to work with a great company like NoFuchsGiven because they've built a big following with their clothing and it's pretty cool to be involved with a brand of that magnitude and a local hero like Christian.

Q. What is the ultimate plan for The Lids ?
We'd love to play Glastonbury at some stage, doesn't matter what stage, just wanna be there!

Q. What tips do you have for any aspiring bands?
Just stick to it, I think that's all we can say really! And if you're music is enjoyable for you to play and listen to then that will catch on because it's all about enjoying it more than anything. Don't give up if it gets hard at any point. There's plenty of opportunity to showcase what you can do!

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