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Introducing... Georgia Fearn

Georgia Fearn is a very talented, 17 year old, musician. She just recently self released her debut album "Perfect on Paper" containing the stomping single "L'Amour" which defines a tendency to experiment and to evolve even though she's at such an early stage of her career. Her music is a soft blend of indie folk with the personalisation you would expect from a singer songwriter. There's clear links to famous musicians such as Norah Jones and even Kate Nash with the way she writes songs. Check out my interview with her below...

Question. How did you get into music, Georgia?
Georgia Fearn: Ever since I was little me and my grandmother Myfanwy used to sing together and that’s really how I started off. When I was about six my older cousins used to put on karaoke and let me ‘perform’ a show in front of them, something I discovered i really loved to do.

Q. Has it always come naturally to you or is it something you’ve really had to work towards?
GF: Writing music comes fairly naturally, though building up skills to accompany myself with guitar and piano has taken a few years to really master.

Q. You have quite a soft and enticing voice, is that something you’ve had to work on?
GF: That’s just my natural voice! Although I have had to work on making my voice stronger for recording.

Q. You’ve just released your debut album, Perfect on Paper,how would you describe it in 3 words?
GF: Quirky, folky, out-of-the-box (does that count as one word?)

Q. No it doesn't, but we'll let you off. What was the process of making it like?
GF: It was a very long process but I’m so happy in the end because new songs were being written as it was produced and some of them ended up on the album.

Q. “L’Amour” is a personal favourite, what’s the story and process behind that song?
GF: “L’amour” was actually one of the first songs that was written for the album and has always been a person favourite of mine too. It actually started out that me and my dad were joking around about doing a hip-hop song and so the line ‘I’m High’ was the first idea. After we realised that it could actually become catchy I started to add serious lyrics and develop the song.

Q. I love the cover of the album as well, it’s very evocative. Where did that come from?
GF: I own a vinyl player and I sketch quite a lot, and as I was sketching the girl on the album cover, it seemed to connect with the album and so I thought it could be interesting to combine music and this girl.

Q. How special did it feel putting “Perfect on Paper” out into the world?
GF: It felt absolutely amazing. I’m just so happy and grateful that this is finally out and that people can listen to my music. It’s kind of like I’ve had this little secret child hidden away that I was very protective of, but now that it’s out I just feel so proud.

Q. How hard is it to market an album and get people listening to it?
GF: It’s difficult but we’re all trying really hard. I regularly update my twitter page regarding my music, @GgFearnMusic, and I am constantly messaging different venues, radios and festivals trying to get my music heard.

Q. What has the support been like from it?
GF: The support has been amazing. My family and friends have been so exceptional, as well as people like yourself being so supportive. Different radios and bloggers have been very active and are giving lovely advice and feedback to me on what to do considering this is my first album.

Q. Who are your biggest influences?
GF: For me and my writing process I’d say that literature and films are my biggest influences. A lot of the songs from the album are based from arts, for example, DoesIt Ever Make You Wonder is based off the movie franchise The Hunger Games,

Q. How long has it taken from knowing you’re going to make an album to actually making one?
GF: It’s been a long process of about four years. It started off an an EP of five early songs which were L’amour, Master of Jazz, Misty Mae, Does It Ever Make You Wonder, and Emptiness. But as I began writing more we realised the new songs were equally as strong and decided to push on to produce an album.

Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
GF: Indie-folk is the broad answer. I’d say it’s quite quirky in its different instruments and layers and fits into mainstream its hooks, though in a unique way.

Q. What is your creative process like?
GF: It’s a lot of just sitting there and brainstorming lyrics on a page. Once I’ve got the main tune and have put lyrics to it, it’s a case of getting the band together in the studio and coming up with the bass and drum lines to polish it.

Q. How often are you writing and going into the studio?
GF: I’m writing constantly, but the studio I go to, Studio 49, has time constraints meaning I can’t there straight after writing a song.

Q. What comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?
GF: It’s usually the music. I get a tune stuck in my head and then I’m like, ‘hey, that’s catchy’, and end up putting lyrics to it after I’ve molded the rhythm and melody.

Q. Which of your songs mean the most to you, and why?
GF: Does It Ever Make You Wonder means a great deal to me from this album, as it was the first song I ever wrote to piano. It was the starting point for this album and what really inspired me to continue music.

Q. What tips do you have for any aspiring musicians?
GF: Persevere! Keep doing what you’re doing no matter what knockbacks you face. Not everyone is going to like your music, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

Q. What is the ultimate plan for you and your music?
GF: I just hope that this album can be heard by as many people as possible and that my music can mean to others what others’ music means to me.


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