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Introducing... Fred Seul

Fred Seul recently submitted his music to KMMR (Which you can do here), claiming that he was a big fan and would love to have his music featured. I gave his music a listen and I was blown away by his creativity, and after chatting to him I'm blown away by his passion for music as well. To think he's only just released his debut single is crazy to me and I recommend that you all go and listen to it! Check out what we chatted about below...

Question. How did you begin making music?
Fred Seul: As corny as it might sound - it all started with a dream.
The leap that got me into songwriting is definitely this vivid dream I once had in my dorm room. I woke up feeling totally disoriented after dreaming of myself standing in front of a huge crowd singing my guts out. Those feelings I had in that dream - on that stage - made it clear to me what my path should be.

Q. What inspired you the most?
FS: Candles. Always candles!

Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
FS: It's alternative electronic folk-pop telling true stories.

Q. “Lights Will Come (After Long)” is a cracking tune, what’s the story and meaning behind that song?
FS: I'm so happy to hear it made an impact on you.
The story is me, 2 years ago, receiving a phone call, telling me that a friend of mine has passed out in front of the café I'm working on and they need my help.
I got into my car and went there as fast as I could. As I reached the cafe, my friend was lying there on the pavement, pale white in his face from an overdose. I put him in my car, filled him up with water and got him home safe. He had no idea what drug he had taken... I'm not trying to get people to stay away from drugs, since I know that can't be avoided. My intention behind this song is to remind people to use their common sense. The only safety you have, is the trust you put into the guy providing you. How much do you really trust him?

Q. It’s very experimental with many of it’s sounds, did you feel you were more daring on this song?
FS: It sure is! I believe the song itself has the room to mess around with different moods and sounds. As soon as you break the standard pop structure - one suddenly has several more sections to play around with. "Lights Will Come (After Long)" doesn't really have a chorus. Does that exclude me from the folk-"pop"-category for now?

Q. I love the instrumental behind it as well, how did that come about?
FS: I was amazed and not in doubt about the sound when my producer Søren Vestergaard hit the hard synth. It needed that harsh and deep vibe that we didn't manage to find on our first attempt of recording the song. Two tries were what it took to finally get the sound right. The moment my producer and I was in sync - time flew and all came naturally over a day in the studio.

Q. How hard is it to finally admit that a song is finished?
FS: I consider an original song finished the moment I can sing three sections, in an alive and dynamic way, over three minutes.

Q. What is your creative process like?
FS: It's a zone. Time and obligations fly outside of it.

Q. How often are you writing and going into the studio?
FS: I collect words and melodies from everyday. My iNote and memo recorder keeps my inspiration close and rememberable for when I hit the studio every now and then.

Q. What comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?
FS: The music's structure, sound and dynamics speak first to me. All though the lyrics emphasizes the soundscape and whole experience like no instrument can do. 

Q. Which of your songs mean the most to you, and why?
FS: I'm not sure if this is the feeling you always get after finishing a song. But I just wrote a new song called "Two Ways" that I can't get out of my head. That one is without a doubt one of the more personal songs I've had to write. If singing my own song can bring myself into tears - I believe it's there! 
Q. What’s next for you?
FS: To talk about fake news and its' consequences when I release my next single soon.

Q. What’s the ultimate goal?
FS: The dream.

Listen to Fed Seul's debut single here


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