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Why Do We Listen To Soundtracks?

Soundtracks are something I’ve only been getting into lately. It was the Watch_Dogs 2 soundtrack that initially set me on the path to liking them. I can’t quite describe whether or not I’m fully on board with the idea though. You see, there’s two different types of soundtracks. There’s the music from the film, a collection of songs by various artists that appear within the film at some point and there’s the score, the instrumentals that give us a certain type of feeling during the film and are there to build tension and play with our emotions.

The first of those types, I’ve never quite understood. I’m currently listening to the Baby Driver soundtrack as I write this and the songs just aren’t giving me the thrill and excitement that they were during the time I was watching the film (Amazing film by the way, definitely check it out). For example, the songs are all big, bold songs that all fit into some point of Baby’s story during the film whether that be the blistering pace of Run Th…

Introducing... Phoxjaw

Question. First and foremost, where did Phoxjaw come from, how did the band become established?
We were all in bands before Phoxjaw and for whatever reasons they didn't work out. Josh and Danny started Phoxjaw and we then brought in Kieran on drums then after a few months we brought in Glenn as second guitar. Last year Huw joined the band on Keys and that is the story thus far.

Q. How long have you all been playing music?
We've all been playing pretty much since we were about 13/14 years old, Josh met Danny first at a youth organisation where both their previous bands would play at about 15 years old.

Q. Where did the band name, Phoxjaw, originate?
We spoke to an old wizard and he told us tales of an ancient fox older than time itself called Phox and in the the wizards cloak he possessed the jaw bone of the mystical creature hence 'Phoxjaw'.

Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?
It's loud, it's heavy, emotional an…

Blossoms - Cool Like You (Album Review)

Blossoms are a 5 piece indie band from Stockport who smashed their way into our hearts with their storming self titled debut which contained numerous indie hits including Charlemagne, Honey Sweet and Blow. After an extensive touring schedule the boys disappeared, with many of us believing they were working on their second outing. But then a “leaked” video of the drummer stating the disharmony between himself and lead singer, Tom Ogden, came out and whilst it seemed as though they were splitting up, it quickly became obvious that they were in fact just doing a PR stunt. Still not quite sure why they felt the need to do that, but they did it nonetheless.

After that they announced ‘Cool Like You’ and released the big single “I Can’t Stand It” which was a huge success, it received much acclaim from their fans and signalled progression for the band as they utilised synths to introduce an electronic aspect to their music. Something I was very happy to see.

However, this album as a whole …

Introducing... Kris Barras

I've always had this idea that musical greatness is a mindset, it depends on the work ethic and the hours put into becoming great. Jimi Hendrix used to sit practicing the guitar whilst he was on the toilet, this is something that has always stuck in my head. Kris Barras used to be an MMA fighter so he's already developed the discipline and the mindset to achieve greatness, he just needs to put the hours in and he sure as hell is doing that! Coming off the back of the successful "Divine and Dirty Tour" which I had the pleasure of seeing, I've been lucky enough to ask the man himself a few questions regarding how he handles nerves, the transitions from sports to music and why he wouldn't swap careers with any musician...
Question. Firstly, how did the transition from MMA to music happen?
Kris Barras:
Well both aspects have always been in my life; I started playing guitar around 5 years old and Martial Arts around the same time too. After I decided to retire from…

Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (Album Review)

It pains me to say it, but this is actually quite good. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve listened to so much trash rap lately or whether it’s because it really does deserve to be called good. But some of the rapping and beat choices on this are top notch!

I’ve been vibing with “Bodak Yellow” for quite a while, that was one hell of a hype anthem and as far as rap tracks go, probably one of my top 10 of last year. What I failed to see with Cardi B though is any longevity, a one-hit wonder I thought to myself, but boy was I wrong. Astoundingly wrong!

People love her! It’s crazy that there’s a Cardi-Mania going on. And she’s producing the rap its to ensure her superstar status as well. For example, the album opener hooks in with a crazy beat and Cardi just starts spitting bars, it’s so in your face and so bragadocious it’s irresistibly infectious. Of course, you can only get to the music if you get past the dreadfully bad album cover first, which I know is hard, but it’s actually…

Introducing... St Buryan

St Buryan are a northern band that create ear-pleasingly good indie pop, they are still so early in their career and yet their sound is so wholesome and complete. With an abundance of natural talent it's great to see them putting that to some great use and making some big bangers, I'm excited to see wat's to come from this band. But for now, take a look what they had to say when I chatted with him regarding their recent singles...

Question. Firstly, where does the name "St. Buryan" come from?
St. Buryan:
The name comes from the street name of Ben’s (singer) childhood home. We’ve all been good friends since our school days and we used to spend a lot of time there, playing on the PlayStation, consuming several sugary goods, typical kid stuff, you know?
We’d also been in other bands at school and there was a common theme of not being able to nail down names for the bands, so when we initially got together we made sure we’d sort it quickly. ‘St. Buryan’ came up and I …

Introducing... Sergeant Thunderhoof

Sergeant Thunderhoof are hard to pigeonhole, on one hand it's clear to see them dip into genres such as psych rock, but on the other they are so experimental with their music that it seems absurdly silly to lock them down like that. As you'll find out when you read on this is because they have given up on "making it" in the music industry. Furthermore, find out why they have a magnificent name, and why their new album, Terra Solus, may just be your album of the year...
Question. Sergeant Thunderhoof is probably my favourite band name of all time, how did that come about?
Sergeant Thunderhoof:
We knew we wanted a name which conveyed a theme or character. None of us in the band are particularly extravagant or charismatic to the extent that we feel comfortable having pictures of ourselves all over the place. I guess having a name like ours takes it away from us as individuals and allows us to hide behind it. So we just sat down and started tossing around names like ‘Capt…

Introducing... Fred Seul

Fred Seul recently submitted his music to KMMR (Which you can do here), claiming that he was a big fan and would love to have his music featured. I gave his music a listen and I was blown away by his creativity, and after chatting to him I'm blown away by his passion for music as well. To think he's only just released his debut single is crazy to me and I recommend that you all go and listen to it! Check out what we chatted about below...
Question. How did you begin making music?
Fred Seul: As corny as it might sound - it all started with a dream.
The leap that got me into songwriting is definitely this vivid dream I once had in my dorm room. I woke up feeling totally disoriented after dreaming of myself standing in front of a huge crowd singing my guts out. Those feelings I had in that dream - on that stage - made it clear to me what my path should be.

Q. What inspired you the most?
FS: Candles. Always candles!
Q. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it…

Record Store Day 2018 Haul

If you're interested then check out my stories from previous Record Store Day's RSD 2016 RSD 2017 So vinyl Christmas has rolled around again, this time garnering more hate than it ever has before. I've seen more hate than love for it this year and I just have one question for them people. What other day of the year has people queuing down the street for hours, sometimes days, before the shop even opens. Nonetheless, my old man came with me this year - giving my girlfriend a well deserved rest from early hours queuing - and as we rocked up to Ignite Records in Birmingham at 6:30 we found that we were in the top 10 of the line of glazed eyed people. Bonus! As the sun started to shine over Birmingham and the chat was flowing in the queue we were surprised to see that the doors opened a few minutes early. At this point you just know it's a good day, especially when you're so close to the front of the queue! I got one hell of a haul this year because it was just such a g…

PMMR's Corner: Where Have They All Gone?

Cassettes I had a vast collection of Cassette tapes back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Literally hundreds of them stacked up in these little plastic trays that you could buy from Woolworths for £1.99. There was everything from Big Audio Dynamite to Hot Chocolate on pre-recorded tapes and any album I could get my hands on recorded on various BASF tapes. I seem to remember the Chrome C90 being my personal pocket money favourite, £2 for 5 tapes. The collection was crowned by the king of cassette tapes a BASF Metal. You had to press a button on your tape deck to get the best out of that baby! I recorded the Beatles white album on it and promptly knocked the tab out the top, so I couldn’t tape over it. Pure class.

I cannot ever remember throwing a tape away, so where did they go? And come to mention it where did they all go? Shops were full of them and they sold in good numbers. You get the odd box full in a second-hand record shop but in general they are gone. I can only assume the bulk of…