The Blinders at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

The Blinders are a band I've been well into for a while. Their mixture of punk with harmonic guitars and blistering drums is just as infectious as it sounds. After hearing their track 'Ramona Flowers' they had me hook, line and sinker. But after exploring their other music you begin to find certified bangers such as 'Murder at The Ballet' and 'ICB Blues' and not to mention, the crowd splitting 'Brave New World'. I saw them supporting The Charlatans at Rock City in November 2017 and they were jaw-droppingly good then, with so much energy and power. They strutted around the stage oozing punk-infused coolness. So I had to see them again on their UK tour, and The Cookie was the only venue for me.

And they did not disappoint. In what was a more supercharged and aggressive set than when I saw them support The Charlatans. The trio from Doncaster have proved to me time and time again that they’re the next big thing on the punk scene. The frontman donned his classic blacked out eyes on stage which would eventually sweat all over him and leave black residue all over the stage, it’s a look that immediately lets you know what sort of thing you’re in for as he jumps around the stage, guitar swinging all over the place as he screams out massive tunes like ‘ICB Blues’ & ‘Ramona Flowers’.

And the crowd were into it, very into it. Those at the front were determined to mosh and jump around as much as possible and the older generation at the back were happy to stand and watch, considering the type of gig it was a very pleasant atmosphere. As The Blinders released their rage on the stage I couldn’t help but realise that these guys really are destined for something bigger, mainly due to the sheer talent and originality of their work.

The drummer is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen live, he creates such a plethora of sounds with his drums all whilst maintaining a demonic stare. And the bassist is the whole rhythm behind their music, strutting around stage in a suit. Which leads me to the next point, these guys are doing well because they’re just so cool. And the image thing is not something that can be forced, and they don’t. I’d recommend hopping on this bandwagon before so you can tell everyone you knew them before they were famous!