The Amazons at O2 Institute, Birmingham (Live Review)

The Amazons' debut album placed very highly on my 2017 year end list, in the top 5 to be exact. And being one of my albums of the year I of course had to see them live. Their debut album contained some of the rock songs of the year; 'In My Mind', 'Junk Food Forever' & 'Black Magic' to name but a few. But they showed that they could switch up the tone on piano ballad and album closer 'Palace' one of my favourite songs of last year. So I was expecting big things from the second part of their album tour.

Otherkin were the support act and I couldn't have been happier to see them again. Their album gained a very deserved place on my albums of the year and the Irish rockers destroyed The Sunflower Lounge when I saw them there in December 2017. I've tipped these guy to be really big for a while and it's great to see them getting a crowd jumping in a bigger venue. Tracks like 'Enabler', 'Come On, Hello' and 'React' sounded just as amazing as they always have. When Otherkin tour again I'll be waiting online at the time of sale to grab a ticket. The perfect support act.

Then came The Amazons and... wow. They blew me away, their guitars sounded so much heavier on stage and it really brought the drumming to the front of my mind. Not to mention, it's just great to see a proper guitar doing so well off the back of their top 10 album. They smashed through stunning tracks like 'Ultraviolet' and 'Little Something' with such ease it almost felt unfair on the competition. Not to mention, they just ooze coolness as the frontman struts around stage in his leather jacket. But it was the covers that surprised me, placing T Rex's '20th Century Boy' in the middle of 'Little Something' was a stroke of genius and a very surprising one at that. The Amazons have certified me as a super fan, and I can't wait to see them at All Points Festival in June.