Riscas at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (Live Review)

The Sunflower Lounge is a neat little independent venue right in the middle of Birmingham, with a knack for intimacy and loud speakers. A venue not too dissimilar from The Cookie except the stage is raised a little more at The Sunflower Lounge, something that is needed very badly at The Cookie.

The opportunity to see Riscas is something I grabbed with both hands mainly due to the fact that they have captured me with the few singles they've released so far. And when I saw the support acts it quite simple was a must attend.

Unfortunately I missed the first half of The Real Cool's set. Something particularly frustrating considering I've been supporting these guys for over a year now and I truly believe they're one of the most exciting talents rising out of the underground music scene at the moment. And their set perfectly matched that, the lead singer sounds just as good live as I'd expect and new single, 'Always Here', is sounding majestic. I'm expecting big things from these boys and the way they perform makes me realise I've always been right.

Coventry newcomers, Candid, were next on the billing. A switch up from the vibes of The Real Cool but a decent one all the same. A heavier sound and more guitars bounced from the stage for 30 minutes and I have to say, I enjoyed every second of it. I'd never heard of the guys or any of their music before but their exciting riffs and strong frontman definitely have made my ears perk up for their future releases.

And then came the showstealers. Spilt Milk Society were truly, utterly, incredible. Their frontman has that perfect mix of an indie voice that can transition to rock when needed and their tunes are so undeniably catchy. After seeing them I've revisited their music quite a lot since and have noticed myself adding their tunes to quite a few of my playlists. So if the summer inducing jams of Spilt Milk Society are coming to a town near you anytime soon then you better get yourself down there.

This was a momentous occassion for the Birmingham music scene. 3 of the 4 on the bill are Bham's finest, destined for stardom and they'd all been brought together by Riscas. A band who have some of the catchiest indie tunes I've ever heard. Their singles 'Right Kinda Day' and 'Panic Like Tom' are guaranteed to get your toes tapping and they produced a mental night for the onlooking crowd as they jumped and danced their way through a chart busting set. Even seeing a stage invasion at the end. The whole thing made me excited for the future of music.