Rae Morris - Someone Out There (Album Review)

Rae Morris is a singer-songwriter from Blackpool who has predominantly shot to fame in the lead up to her sophomore album, Someone Out There, with singles such as 'Atletico' and 'Do It' she has accumulated a fan base, including myself. I've been looking forward to this album for a while due to the fact that I find her production very unique but at the same time it harks back to 80s pop. It's the sort of music I could imagine soundtracking the 'San Junipero' episode of Black Mirror.

However, the album takes a bit of a left turn at the start with a slower ballad taking control for a while. The third single 'Push Me To My Limit' is that song and it's a welcome change in my eyes, albeit it would have been better placed deeper in the album and the album did in fact open with the astoundingly addictive 'Reborn'. Who's production seems to steal from the 1990's world of Nintendo soundtracks and it's a welcome dab of vintage in what is quite a progressive pop album.

It's hard to look any further than 'Atletico' though because I really do love that song, it encapsulates everything that makes pop what it is It's catchy, energetic and fun. It's what I love about this album, that sense of fun, it seems to poke its head out during the album quite a lot. The tune 'Do It' was something I wasn't particularly a fan of at first and yet it has grown on me quite significantly in the time since its release which is a blessing because it quickly became one of my favourite singles of last year.

Oftentimes with pop albums you find that all of the power is found within the singles, and that's just not true with this new Rae Morris project as 'Physical Form' stands its ground on the album, and the more and more I listen to the album it becomes something that I look forward to hearing throughout. This is a fantastic album, and definitely one I can see making my end of the year albums list.