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Introducing... Vrillon

Vrillon are an alt-rock band smashing their way out of Somerset. They're killing gig after gig after gig in their hometown of Bath, and it's their time to put the city on the map musically. They've just released new single, 'Find You', and chances are I think you're gonna like it. It's heavy in all the right places, catchy and imaginative much like how they found their band name...

Question. Firstly, the band name Vrillon is very different. What does it mean and where does it come from?
We were all really bored and sitting around, binge watching terrible YouTube videos about spooky events for hours, until we came across one video about 'Vrillon'. Apparently he's some alien that interrupted a TV broadcast, according to the video. We thought it was a pretty cool name, so we took it.

Q. How long have you been together as a band?
We started jamming in school about 2/3 years ago but didn't have any songs or get any gigs. It wasn't until just over a year ago, when we played our first proper gig and recorded some demos when we changed our name and started taking things seriously.

Q. What inspired you all to start making music?
I think we've all been quite musical all our lives. Since I can remember I've been making music so it kind of just came naturally. Though I (Will) have to say that when I heard Sonic Reducer by Dead Boys in, I think 2014, it really made me want to make more music.

Q. Which one of you initiated the band and made sure that it became something bigger?
The band were just a school jam band for ages and were nothing really serious. We realised we needed a bassist and a singer so Charlie asked Will to join as he is both. Since then the lineup has remained the same and we've been improving ever since.

Q. You've just released your single 'Find You' and it's sounding very polished. How much does this single mean to you?
It really means a lot because we spent so much time on this track. We recorded a few demos beforehand, practised loads, spent extra time mixing the track, all to try and make it sound perfect.

Q. How do you think this one shapes up against your previous singles?
We have become much more mature in our songwriting and performing so it just sounds so much more professional. Also the studio engineer who recorded and mixed the song is pretty damn good at his job. Our previous singles are sort of more like demos in a way.

Q. Who / what are the big influences around the single?
It's difficult to say, the song was written so long ago and we have so many influences that it'd be way too hard to choose a specific one.

Q. I'm a big fan of the video in all it's grainy glory. What were the thoughts and ideas behind that?
We didn't really have much of a plan, just a bunch of scraped together ideas in a 'spooky forest' setting. It was all very DIY, for example, the scene with the doors. We found those doors in the woods, it was never a part of the plan at all! Which is what makes this video so special.

Q. Do you feel some sort of pressure to make sure the video matches the tone of the song or do you just make the video as a completely separate entity?
I would say it's separate. We wanted to make the video completely the opposite of the single. The song sounds quite up beat so we thought it would be fun to do a spooky, half-hearted looking video to completely contrast with the mood and also the effort that went into the song. (That's not to say we didn't put effort into the video though!)

Q. You're gaining quite the reputation for live shows, how would you describe your live shows?
There's a great vibe. People are there to meet friends and have a good time whilst listening to good music so it's just a cool atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. There's always a lot of excitement when we play our heavy tunes too, that's always great fun.

Q. There are lots of special bands coming out of the Somerset area at the moment, who are your personal favourites?
Too right there is! You've got to listen to Wych Elm, brilliant people with brilliant music, they're definitely going to go places. And also we love Bigfoot, but we're still waiting for them to record some tunes!

Q. What's the ultimate plan for Vrillon as a band?
The ultimate plan is, of course, to have many people listen to and appreciate our music. We wouldn't love anything more than to make a living off of doing our favourite thing. We would do anything to play massive venues and have people know our songs!

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