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L-Space - Suneaters (Track Review)

L-Space are a dream pop that make futuristic utopian music only limited by their own imagination and it's really impossible to nail them down to any one genre. For the past year or so I've been the following the band very closely and it's been fun to see their rise and now a label has finally woken up and signed them, Last Night From Glasgow have a real find on their hands here.
The first track to be released since then is Suneaters. And what a way to start off life at your new label with such a majestic, intriguing and atmospheric song. The sort of thing you can imagine slotting straight into the soundtrack of a high budget sci-fi flick with all of the soundscapes to match. Lily's voice seems to be growing with every single song and her lowkey vocals fade into the sound of this song and it couldn't have matched any better. I'm excited to hear whatever L-Space are cooking up next and then I need an album!

Mansun - Attack of The Grey Lantern (Classic Review)

In honour of Attack of The Grey Lantern’s 21st anniversary and Paul Draper’s ongoing tour which celebrates this by playing the album in full I thought it would be time to revisit my classic album reviews. And what better way to kick some life back into it with some 90’s goodness!

Mansun are a British alternative rock band that were founded in 1995. With Paul Draper’s unique singing at the helm they saw a fair amount of success in the late 90’s before splitting up in the early 2000’s. What made the band so unique was their eclectic mix of synthed out guitars, quiet ongoing drumming and, of course, the aforementioned Paul Draper.

The album opens with the long, slow build up of “The Chad Who loved Me”. It’s a great opener in terms of building so many different sounds into the album right at the very beginning but it also creates a light opener with this dark and mysterious undertone running right through the depths of this album. This is also represented on the cover, a beautiful paint…

Live Review: Alvvays at O2 Academy, Leicester (22/2/2018)

I've been exploring Alvvays' music ever since their single "In Undertow" was in a Flying Vinyl box a few months back. The single was so infectious, insinuating this band had found the keys to exploring a pop masterclass. The B-side "Dream Tonite" further proved this, it was more melodic but more harmonious. From that I already knew they were a band I would want to see live, so I gave their album Antisocialites a listen and then bought some tickets to see them.

I've never been into the O2 Academy 2 in Leicester, it's not too dissimilar from the main room, it's just missing a balcony and the floor space is probably bigger. And... Alvvays blew my socks off. Arguably being one of the best performing bands I've ever seen because many of the set sounded better than my vinyl copy of their second album which astounded me and as the set plowed on I was hoping it wouldn't come to an end. I loved the little bit of banter from the band in between s…

Dream Wife - Dream Wife (Album Review)

Dream Wife are a three piece hailing from Brighton. Before this album I have to admit that I’d never really listened to their stuff, not to do with disliking them or anything I just hadn’t got around to listening to them yet. Luckily, I saw this album in Rough Trade and it reminded me of Dream Wife and how I’d kept meaning to listen to them, and of course a debut album I always the best place to start. Unfortunately I didn’t buy the vinyl that day (I now wish I had) but instead added the album to my driving to work playlist.

I thought they were a punk band, purely because they portray themselves as quite edgy and different. So I put this album on after listening to Shame’s Songs of Praise, which turned out to be a dramatic difference in sound, Dream Wife have developed a mix of electro, pop, rock and everything in between. It’s really hard to nail this down to just one genre due to the diverse sounds the trio create.

I’m a big fan of tracks like ‘Let’s Make Out’ and ‘Hey Heartbreake…

Rejjie Snow - Dear Annie (Album Review)

Rejjie Snow, a Dublin born hip-hop artist, is one of the most innovative, interesting and exciting things to happen to rap since Kendrick Lamar. Going into this project I'd never heard any of Rejjie's music before but coming out of this project I'm buzzing. Rejjie has such a uniquely excellent flow and a great ear for lowkey beats. This project thoroughly reminded me of Tyler, The Creator's Goblin and Wolf which are two astoundingly innovative projects. Rejjie also adopts a very laidback, interestingly captivating flow that leads to you becoming enticed into this album as it leads through track after track for a well-worth-your-time 40 minutes.
I'm a big fan of the track "Rainbows" which takes on the genre of pop rap, but it seems a lot different to the rest of the others like it. And I particularly enjoyed the interview segments in between the songs, and as some of you avid readers may know,  I love a concept album they just make for a more interesting …

Cabbage at The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham (Live Review)

Are Cabbage one of the best bands in Britain right now? Probably. Are they the best punk band? Definitely. The post-punk band with a devout cult following make me giddy with excitement everytime they tour or bring out new music. Their collection of EPs 'Young, Dumb & Full Of...' is one of the best punk projects I've ever heard and continues to astound me with its ludicrously loud, brash and brilliant tracks like "Uber Capitalist Death Trade", "Indispensable Pencil" and "Terrorist Synthesizer" to name but a few. 

I was excited about the support act The Rhythm Method, I've been listening to their infectious pop crossed with rap, spoken word and all round beltingly infectious tunes. Especially "Party Politics" and "Something For The Weekend" which were performed excellently, and I'm a huge fan of the whole dynamic of Joey and Rowen on the stage and how side-splittingly funny Joey is in between songs. Even going as…

Justin Timberlake - Man of The Woods (Album Review)

Admittedly I'm a Justin Timberlake fan, I don't care if that's meant to be embarrassing because he holds a place in pop music that can't really be matched. He takes his time with his music and he actually holds quite a lot of talent. The 20/20 Experience Part 1 is one of my favourite albums of the past 10 years with such beautiful Timbaland production along with so many influences like Jazz and Swing thrown into the arena, it culminated into a near-perfect project. Unfortunately Part 2 fell short of the mark and just came off like a tacky remake of Part 1. Nonetheless, I was excited for Man of The Woods to the extent where I didn't listen to the singles because I wanted to hear the album as a whole.

I heard that the singles were quite polarising for some people, with a lot of people saying that they felt it was utter rubbish and that it wasn't really anything 'experimental' or 'progressive' and I have to say, to an extent, I do agree. 'Filt…

Shame - Songs of Praise (Album Review)

Shame are a band that I jumped onto the bandwagon of far too late. It did, however, mean that I didn't have to wait long for the release of their debut album. The last thing I ever purchased from Rise, Bristol was the 7 inch of Tasteless, and I hadn't even heard the song yet. Admittedly, this is a song that I've fallen in love with since, so I was more than ready for Songs of Praise to be released.

The album doesn't disappoint on any front, it's loud and proud in the words of the band themselves. I do particularly enjoy the heavier songs over the more melodic songs. Songs such as 'Concrete' which show the band at their angriest as they tip into the punk genre at points. And that's something I love about this album as well, it doesn't nail itself to one genre, it even venture into spoken word on 'One Lick' which is really surprising and frankly, disgustingly brilliant.

Shame are not the type of band to care about any of the words written on …

The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (Album Review)

The Wombats are a 3-piece indie pop band from Liverpool, they released their first album 11 years ago now and since then have only released 4 albums including this new album. They always seem to take their time with their music, craft it, perfect it before they release it. And whilst they may not be everyone's cup of tea, they're mine. Their last album, Glitterbug, contained some fantastic tunes and I still revisit the album quite frequently to this very day. Leading up to Beautiful People... the singles were so on point.

'Lemon To A Knife Fight' perfectly whetted my appetite for their future music, it had a much more fulfilled sound and deeper bass than what I'd heard from them. But, also, deep down there was a lot of emotion in the track, almost as if it was based on something very personal. 'Turn' was the next single and by this point it was getting me giddy, it's one of the best written songs they've ever released, it all intertwines and mixes …

Introducing... Spilt Milk Society

Spilt Milk Society are one of the most exciting bands coming out right now. They're mixture of infectious indie bangers with perfected, polished rock is just as great as that sounds. And for all of the Birmingham bands that are growing at phenomenal rates at the minute, they're up there with the best of them. They're creating better songs than most established with tracks such as 'She Tastes Like Summer', 'Amsterdam' and ' 'For The Last Time'. I chatted with lead singer, Harry Handford, and guitarist, Josh Hyde, regarding how slow they have to say their name, their inspirations and what it's like getting over a million streams on a song...

Question. Spilt Milk Society is perfect for being top of Google pages, but how did you come about the name?
Harry Handford:
We live in a society where people care too much about the “spilt milk” - it’s just a statement about everything around us. People need to get a nice scented candle, watch a light-heart…

Rat Boy at O2 Academy, Leicester (Live Review)

Admittedly I never used to be a fan of Rat Boy, even turning down the chance to see him on a previous tour when it was only £8 because his music didn’t interest me. That was until, for reviewing purposes, I listened to SCUM and loved every single second of it. From Rat Boy’s brutal honesty to the heavily garage influenced DIY beats it was everything I thought Rat Boy was and now is. And if you saw my albums of the year list then you’ll know that I placed it pretty highly on that and deservedly so. So when he announced a tour in support of the album I couldn’t help but snatch at the opportunity to get a ticket to see him in my hometown.

Bad Sounds were the only support act I saw on the night, and despite knowing none of their songs I have to say, they were fun to watch. Their incredibly energetic performance of their highly infectious indie pop was something I grew to love as they were performing on stage, jumping around and just genuinely looking like they were having fun, something …

Introducing... Riscas

Riscas are an up and coming indie rock/pop band hailing from beneath the sunny skies of Birmingham. They’ve released jumbo indie tunes packed full of sing-along lyrics and catchy tunes, songs such as ‘Panic Like Tom’ and ‘Right Kinda Day’. Not to mention, they’re building a massive fan base in their home city and the future is really starting to look blindingly bright for them. I saw them perform at The Sunflower Lounge in January 2017 and they put one hell of a show, pitch perfect and energetic. I got to chat with guitarist Tom Barker regarding all things Riscas…

Question. The band name Riscas, what does that mean and what does it mean to you as a band?
We sat the word ‘Risca’ on a hoody and simply added an S, ever since then it's become unique to us. It makes it easier for us to appear on Google

Q. How would you describe your music?
We'd describe our music as catchy with a tropical twist

Q. You dip your toes into quite a few genres, but what would you say is the main…

The Blinders at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

The Blinders are a band I've been well into for a while. Their mixture of punk with harmonic guitars and blistering drums is just as infectious as it sounds. After hearing their track 'Ramona Flowers' they had me hook, line and sinker. But after exploring their other music you begin to find certified bangers such as 'Murder at The Ballet' and 'ICB Blues' and not to mention, the crowd splitting 'Brave New World'. I saw them supporting The Charlatans at Rock City in November 2017 and they were jaw-droppingly good then, with so much energy and power. They strutted around the stage oozing punk-infused coolness. So I had to see them again on their UK tour, and The Cookie was the only venue for me.

And they did not disappoint. In what was a more supercharged and aggressive set than when I saw them support The Charlatans. The trio from Doncaster have proved to me time and time again that they’re the next big thing on the punk scene. The frontman donned hi…

Introducing... Vrillon

Vrillon are an alt-rock band smashing their way out of Somerset. They're killing gig after gig after gig in their hometown of Bath, and it's their time to put the city on the map musically. They've just released new single, 'Find You', and chances are I think you're gonna like it. It's heavy in all the right places, catchy and imaginative much like how they found their band name...
Question. Firstly, the band name Vrillon is very different. What does it mean and where does it come from?
We were all really bored and sitting around, binge watching terrible YouTube videos about spooky events for hours, until we came across one video about 'Vrillon'. Apparently he's some alien that interrupted a TV broadcast, according to the video. We thought it was a pretty cool name, so we took it.

Q. How long have you been together as a band?
We started jamming in school about 2/3 years ago but didn't have any songs or get any gigs. It wasn't un…

The Amazons at O2 Institute, Birmingham (Live Review)

The Amazons' debut album placed very highly on my 2017 year end list, in the top 5 to be exact. And being one of my albums of the year I of course had to see them live. Their debut album contained some of the rock songs of the year; 'In My Mind', 'Junk Food Forever' & 'Black Magic' to name but a few. But they showed that they could switch up the tone on piano ballad and album closer 'Palace' one of my favourite songs of last year. So I was expecting big things from the second part of their album tour.

Otherkin were the support act and I couldn't have been happier to see them again. Their album gained a very deserved place on my albums of the year and the Irish rockers destroyed The Sunflower Lounge when I saw them there in December 2017. I've tipped these guy to be really big for a while and it's great to see them getting a crowd jumping in a bigger venue. Tracks like 'Enabler', 'Come On, Hello' and 'React' s…

Gaz Coombes at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

Independent Venue Week is such a good idea. It's really important to support the venues that keep the music world ticking and are keeping the industry plants from ruling the albums charts like they do the singles. Unfortunately, I've only been able to get myself down to one gig on Independent Venue Week but what a gig it was. The front man of britpop band, Supergrass, has been nothing short of magnificent since the band split and it was a pleasure to see him live. 

Tunes from his first two albums were performed with ease, especially those of the Mercury Prize nominated Matador. Gaz's voice pulled him through and all of those years with Supergrass have clearly helped. The songs from his new album, Worlds Strongest Man, are sounding polished, extravagant and a step forward for Gaz. But what made this gig extra special was that it was just Gaz Coombes, a guitar and a piano up on the stage. Something that isn't respected half as much as it should be in the music business.…

Introducing... Chloe St. Claire

Australian singer-songwriter Chloe St. Claire recently submitted her music to KMMR, and after listening to her EP 'Young Like That' I couldn't wait to get her onto my 'Introducing...' series. Her wistful music courses through my headphones to create such hush tones with her soft voice and interesting matters in her music. Whether that be tackling issues behind sexuality or anything else, it seems that Chloe's songwriting is the driving force behind her music, and it's always inspiring to see such brilliant aspiring writers. I chatted with her about her favourite music, her EP & what song she really loves most from 'Young Like That'...

Question. Firstly, what made you want to pursue music?
Chloe St. Claire:
My dad, without a doubt. I used to watch him play on his guitar and I just thought it was so cool how he could move his fingers so fast and make intricate and delicate sounds. He showed me my first guitar chords, and from then I was hooked.

Q. H…

Riscas at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (Live Review)

The Sunflower Lounge is a neat little independent venue right in the middle of Birmingham, with a knack for intimacy and loud speakers. A venue not too dissimilar from The Cookie except the stage is raised a little more at The Sunflower Lounge, something that is needed very badly at The Cookie.

The opportunity to see Riscas is something I grabbed with both hands mainly due to the fact that they have captured me with the few singles they've released so far. And when I saw the support acts it quite simple was a must attend.

Unfortunately I missed the first half of The Real Cool's set. Something particularly frustrating considering I've been supporting these guys for over a year now and I truly believe they're one of the most exciting talents rising out of the underground music scene at the moment. And their set perfectly matched that, the lead singer sounds just as good live as I'd expect and new single, 'Always Here', is sounding majestic. I'm expecting…

Rae Morris - Someone Out There (Album Review)

Rae Morris is a singer-songwriter from Blackpool who has predominantly shot to fame in the lead up to her sophomore album, Someone Out There, with singles such as 'Atletico' and 'Do It' she has accumulated a fan base, including myself. I've been looking forward to this album for a while due to the fact that I find her production very unique but at the same time it harks back to 80s pop. It's the sort of music I could imagine soundtracking the 'San Junipero' episode of Black Mirror.

However, the album takes a bit of a left turn at the start with a slower ballad taking control for a while. The third single 'Push Me To My Limit' is that song and it's a welcome change in my eyes, albeit it would have been better placed deeper in the album and the album did in fact open with the astoundingly addictive 'Reborn'. Who's production seems to steal from the 1990's world of Nintendo soundtracks and it's a welcome dab of vintage in w…

Introducing... Anika

Anika is a singer songwriter from Cupertino, CA in the USA. She hs been predominantly producing covers during the early hours of her career but she's finally took the bold step to making her own music. And I'm really glad that she took that risk and opportunity because her music is so soulful and evocative with some really harmonic vocals. For fans of people like Bryson Tiller, SZA and Rihanna. There's a little something for everyone and you better start listening now before she takes over the charts. Luckily, I had the chance to chat with her regarding her move from covers to orignals....
Question. What made you want to start writing music?
I was tired of doing covers, I wanted to be my own artist.

Q. Has music come naturally to you or is it something you've had to work towards?
Singing has come naturally to me… However, the other aspects (beats/song writing/playing instruments) never came naturally to me—it’s been a huge learning process.

Q. When going into th…