Oblong - Brilliant...Gwd (Album Review)

In contrary to the name, it's been awhile since I uploaded a review to the blog. And here we are again, it's time to review more albums which is tough in the lead up to all of the year end lists. Oblong are a Welsh band, who unashamedly produce some very unique post-punk guitar music. With half of the album being in English and half being in Welsh it results in a very interesting listen. Something that took me a back upon the first listen, I wasn't expect the Welsh language to be gracing my ears, and you know what, I quite liked it. There's a certain amount of soothing that comes with not being able to understand what the artist you're listening to is saying.

There's a very obvious homage to the legends on this album. For example the opener reminds me of Joy Division, very dark and brooding in places even touching on The Cure. And Oblong will have you tapping your foot as you move through the album, with very loud guitars, crashing drums and refreshing vocals.

'In The Lemon Tree' is my own personal favourite on the album, arguably the loudest, most in your face moment on the entire album. It's something that that switches up the tone of the album without disturbing the flow, a very hard thing to master and yet Oblong have it pinned down very early on in their career. And albeit with some better mastering, and an all round more expensive sound then you could be looking at the next big thing to come out of Wales.