Cabbage - Arms of Pleonexia (Track Review)

Cabbage are one of my favourite bands out right now. Their collection of EPs Young, Dumb & Full of... is one of my favourite records ever. With tunes like 'Tell Me Lies About Manchester' and 'Uber Capitalist Death Trade' it's easy to see why they're gaining the recognition and support that they deserve. And finally we're in the run up to their debut album, Nihlistic Glamour Shots, and it promises to be as loud, brash and explosive as their EPs have led us to expect.

Arms of most confusing word ever is my track of te year so far, it discusses some hard hitting political topics and Cabbage utilise their knack for wit in all the right places. The guitars are heavy and twisted and the vocals are on point. This is my most anticipated release of the year, and if you don't listen to Cabbage yet. Well... it's time to hop on the bandwagon because your mums gonna hate them and they'll blow your mind.