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Cabbage - Arms of Pleonexia (Track Review)

Cabbage are one of my favourite bands out right now. Their collection of EPs Young, Dumb & Full of... is one of my favourite records ever. With tunes like 'Tell Me Lies About Manchester' and 'Uber Capitalist Death Trade' it's easy to see why they're gaining the recognition and support that they deserve. And finally we're in the run up to their debut album, Nihlistic Glamour Shots, and it promises to be as loud, brash and explosive as their EPs have led us to expect.

Arms of most confusing word ever is my track of te year so far, it discusses some hard hitting political topics and Cabbage utilise their knack for wit in all the right places. The guitars are heavy and twisted and the vocals are on point. This is my most anticipated release of the year, and if you don't listen to Cabbage yet. Well... it's time to hop on the bandwagon because your mums gonna hate them and they'll blow your mind.

9 Albums That Changed My Life

There's a current trend on Instagram (@KMMReviews if you want to follow me) where people are outlaying the 9 albums that changed their life, it's a pretty cool trend and I feel like I already know so much about these people just from what they're picking. I'm seeing Black Sabbath albums a lot which is quite surprising and then there's a ton of Beatles and Stones which is unsurprising. I've already done my Instagram post but here's a more in-depth explanation of my 9...
Tame Impala – Currents 
This album changed my life for so many reasons, the main one being that it’s the reason this blog exists. The first time I listened to Currents I was blown away, I was constantly searching for new music and I stumbled across Tame Impala, I understand that they were already very famous but I’d never really ventured into this genre. Kevin Parker’s knack for creating funk induced heaven is something I haven’t pulled away from ever since. So after hearing ‘The Less I Know…

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon? (Album Review)

Britpop legend Noel Gallagher left Oasis in 2009. He then quite swiftly formed his High Flying Birds. Releasing their debut album in 2011, and the self-titled maestro was all I could listen to upon release. A great mixture of pop, rock and an abundance of brass on show. However, I find myself not visiting the album as much as I thought I would. Then came Chasing Yesterday, with Oasis Noel Gallagher had smashed the second album syndrome with Morning Glory, and he did it again. Chasing Yesterday was a more mature, honed in album. With a lot more emotion and vigour to go with it. However, when 'Holy Mountain' was released as the first single from Who Built The Moon? I was absolutely petrified of what was in store within this album. The Ricky Martin sounding track was soon an afterthought though, as I can confirm, Noel Gallagher has done it again.

What entices me in to Noel Gallagher's music is his excellent songwriting skills. The ability to turn one of the most nonsense sen…

Albums To Look Forward To In 2018

Shame - Songs of Praise

Really excited for Shame's debut album, it's hopefully going to be one of my albums of the year and judging by the singles I can't see any reason as to why it wouldn't be. Really excited to see these guys live in a few months as well.
The 1975 - Music For Cars

The 1975 went from boyband to indie-pop heroes in the space of 2 albums. I quite enjoyed their first album to be honest but their second album is quite honestly one of the greatest things I've ever heard. So to top off this self-proclaimed trilogy must be a great album. There's been no singles yet, but I'm certain this is going to be a corker.
Rae Morris - Someone Out There

Rae Morris is phenomenally talented, anyone who can write a catchy pop song is. However, her album Someone Out There has me very excited because the singles so far have been very good. With this album I'm hoping we get the pop album of the year. And I have a feeling we just might...
The Hunna - Dare

So the …

Oblong - Brilliant...Gwd (Album Review)

In contrary to the name, it's been awhile since I uploaded a review to the blog. And here we are again, it's time to review more albums which is tough in the lead up to all of the year end lists. Oblong are a Welsh band, who unashamedly produce some very unique post-punk guitar music. With half of the album being in English and half being in Welsh it results in a very interesting listen. Something that took me a back upon the first listen, I wasn't expect the Welsh language to be gracing my ears, and you know what, I quite liked it. There's a certain amount of soothing that comes with not being able to understand what the artist you're listening to is saying.

There's a very obvious homage to the legends on this album. For example the opener reminds me of Joy Division, very dark and brooding in places even touching on The Cure. And Oblong will have you tapping your foot as you move through the album, with very loud guitars, crashing drums and refreshing vocals.


50. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream  LCD Soundsystem returned this year after a long time being split up, and it was the year of reunions with everyone seeming to put their differences aside and rake in their money with a big tour. However, LCD produced one of the stand out albums of the year, a side step from their previous projects and produced more anthemic songs. There's some real stand out tracks of the year on this album, it's just a shame about that Microsoft Paint cover.
49.The Mothers Earth Experiment - The Mothers Earth Experiment
I'm not the biggest fan of Prog Rock, but then again maybe I'm just not listening to the right stuff. However, TMEE fall into this genre and they've released one of my albums of the year. Whilst chatting to them about it as part of my 'Introducing...' series it was extremely interesting to hear about the making of the album, it's big influences and that strangely wonderful album cover. A must listen for Prog Rock fan…