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Top 50 Albums of The Year 2017 (40-31)

Okay, okay, stop the cheering I know you have been waiting all week to read part 2 of my favourite albums of the year, right?... As I'm writing this I realise that it's been a phenomenally great year for music, a terrible year for everything else though. But without further ado let's see what has made 40-31 of the list!

In case you missed part 1:

40. Jessie Ware - Glasshouse

Jessie Ware is an artist that I've never really bothered listening to before, but I heard 'Midnight' on the radio and loved it absolutely immediately. So when the album came out I was absolutely ecstatic to give it a listen and it did not disappoint, there's some really beautiful songs on this album and I reccomend giving it a listen. Unless you are in a really good mood then probably avoid it.

39. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

I've always been a fan of Lana Del Rey, she makes some absolutely majestic music. Her first album, Born To Die, is probably one of my favourite albums of the past 10 years. Since then she hasn't quite hit the same height, yet I think that Lust For Life may have just hit it the closest. Although I've listened to the title track so many times I'm so sick of it. (I love The Weeknd okay?).

38. Calvin Harris - Funk Wav. Bounces Vol. 1

It's quite unusual to see a Calvin Harris album on this last. However, this album was so left field compared to his other pieces of work, this was a much more wholesome, fun and completely... sunny album. With some astoundingly good features such as Future, Khalid, ScHoolboy Q and much more... whilst it's not the most progressive album on the planet it's just fun to listen to!

37. Paramore - After Laughter

I really gave this album a hard time when it came out (ha, get it?!), but then I really listened to it, understood where the album came from and why they made it. 'Hard Times' is one of my favourite songs of the year, 'Rose Coloured Boy' is an absolutely fantastic tune and the album as a whole is really well crafted and for a band venturing out of what they're used to it really is nigh on perfect!

36. Alvvays - Antisocialites

Alvvays are a band that I haven't necessarily been following for years, I've only gotten into them recently and I pretty much loved them straight away. I got In Undertow in a Flying Vinyl boxset and I immediately looked for them afterwards. This album right here is how dream pop SHOULD be made, its eery yet cheery, dark but beautiful and most of all it is wonderfully unique. If you're into pop, indie, soft rock etc... then you should be checking this album out. It's not higher because I've gotten into them so late.

35. Sampha - Process

Mercury Prize 2017 winner, Sampha, is an artist that rose to half-prominence a few years ago featuring on tracks with many artists including Drake. And since then Drake has released 4 albums and Sampha has only just released his debut. I guess that is just a representation of the time and effort it has taken to make this soulful and beautiful album. For me, 'Blood On Me' is by far and away the best track on the album, with some really deep harmonies and wondrous production. One of the must listens to of the year.

34. Stormzy - Gang Signs & Prayer

Stormzy is one of the breakout artists of the year, from obscurity to the nation sweetheart, through the effect of not even believing his own fame at times. But to back this new found fame up he released my 34th album of the year. With tracks like 'Big For Your Boots' and 'Shut Up' he announced himself as a grime superstar. But there are points on this album where he smoothly transitions into R&B and he does it with such ease it's barely even noticeable. Hats off to you Stormzy.

Maximo Park have been around for a long time now, but Risk To Exist is their first project I've listened to and the uniqueness of their sound has made me a fan. The underlying political tones and such of the album lead to something that requires multiple listens to understand, with some of their lyricism venturing into poetry, almost, at times. A truly brilliant album that I hope makes you a fan of Maximo Park as much as it did me.

Feels weird putting a soundtrack on this list. But it's fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Some of the sounds that Hudson Mohawke creates on this album are unmatched, and nowhere near require any vocals. To back that up, it was emblazoned all over my game of the year, Watch_Dogs 2. Within this album are some really unique sounds that make it so special. Listening to this on vinyl is especially unique as well because it really brings out the deep bass and pulls some of the sounds out.

31. St Vincent - Masseducation

St Vincent returned this year with an absolutely brilliant album. It harnesses some more left wing sounds, with Los Ageless almost tip toeing into dubstep at times. But there's a sort of maturity to this album, it's simple and effective. Concise to the point where it's almost too "perfect" and sometimes despite it's new sounds, it does stay quite safe. But a great album nonetheless.


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