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My Top 10 Gigs of 2017

Over the course of 2017 I've been to 23 gigs, which is a hell of a lot in one year. November was a pretty mad month in which I went to 6. But I've seen such a plethora of different people from Logic to Lorde to Bloody Knees. But overall I've enjoyed each and everyone of those 23 for their own reasons, but these have been my top 10!

10. Logic
Everybody Tour, O2 Academy Birmingham

I actually got the VIP package for this gig, which was fun and although I wasn't allowed to take pictures, Logic is one of the most influential and positive people I've had the pleasure of being in company with. His music is something that means a lot to me and The Incredible True Story is one of my favourite albums of all time. Not to mention the gig was incredibly lively with Logic being very funny on stage.

Long Live Life Tour, The Cookie Leicester

Francobollo made my top 10 albums of the year list and this gig was in part the cause of that. It was so much fun to watch a band who looked like they genuinely loved performing up on the stage. Not to mention, I enjoyed a lot of the instrumentals live, they intertwined with the songs perfectly and it was just such a fun time. If you get the chance to see these guys live then snap it up!

8. The Kooks
Best Of... Tour, SSE Arena Wembley London

Living in the middle of the country going down to Wembley always feels like a bit of an adventure and a massive day out. The support act were the DMAs and I absolutely love them, some Britpop type music with a very harmonious voice and they were absolutely bang on live, albeit their setlist was shorter than I would have liked. That warmed the crowd up nicely but then The Kooks came on and smashed it out of the park. A lot of people won't realise how many Kooks songs they really know but they actually have so many hits! And it was just a truly brilliant night.

I'm Not Your Man Tour, The Cookie Leicester

I'm Not Your Man is one of the best albums I've ever heard, there's so much emotion, humour and artistry in that piece of work. Marika has such a knack for crafting tune, and live she was so charismatic but there was also a lot of love in the room. A lot of people in there obviously loved her music and it was one of the few gigs this year where the pre-set encore was earned. Hearing 'Cigarette' live was a truly beautiful thing.

6. The Weeknd
Starboy: Legend of The Fall Tour, Arena Birmingham

I adore The Weeknd's music He's such a talented guy that has created some truly fascinating pieces of music, House of Balloons is the best mixtape ever made, no question about it whatsoever. And Starboy is truly fantastic as his latest album. But what is so alluring about seeing The Weeknd live is that he sings his tunes so perfectly, astoundingly well actually. For someone with such a uniquely high pitched voice it's crazy that he can sing that well live but he can. And with so many hits at this point in his career, it's easy to see why this gig was so good. Definitely go and see The Weeknd if you enjoy his music.

RTJ 3 Tour, O2 Academy Birmingham

Run The Jewels 2 is arguably the best rap album of the decade thus far, and I've always heard and read that they are such good performers and genuinely as charismatic on stage as they appear on Twitter/Interviews and even their music. This gig was special because I've been waiting to see them live since RTJ1 and I was buzzing for this. It didn't disappoint, Danny Brown was wondrous as the support act and El-P and Killer Mike were absolutely perfect. The bouncing never stops, the bass never let up and the interludes were genuinely funny. If you like rap, go and see RTJ.

4. Blossoms
NME Awards 2017 Tour, O2 Academy Birmingham

Now, I wasn't exactly sober for this gig which probably made it seem a lot better than what is. But it probably didn't. The support act was Cabbage, who are quickly becoming one of my favourite punk bands of all time, with their angry songs, punky guitars and mancunian accents. But then Blossoms came on, and performed all of their debut album. Every single song. And this album is perfection, absolute perfection. And with massive tunes like Getaway, Honey Sweet and Charlemagne this was quite simply perfection.

Different Days Tour, Rock City Nottingham

An all round great day began with actually meeting Tim Burgess, Charlatans lead singer, after an acoustic during the day at Rough Trade Nottingham. To then go to the gig and be front row with two of the best support acts of the year, Average Sex & The Blinders, meant that it was already feeling phenomenally special before The Charlatans came on. But when they did I was absolutely infatuated. Blowing through classics with such ease and they topped it off with Sproston Green, sounding as beautiful now as it ever has. The Charlatans are now easily one of my favourite bands.

2. Lorde
Melodrama Tour, O2 Academy Birmingham

When I went to see Lorde I just wasn't in a great mood in general, the nights were starting to draw in and I was just on an all round general downer, to top that off I love Melodrama but for some reason I wasn't that excited to see Lorde, I thought it was going to be quite boring. It was the complete and utter opposite, Lorde produced one of the best experiences in my life. There just felt like so much artistry and it felt chic to put it bluntly. Lorde's voice was pitch perfect live and she quite clearly was loving life on stage. Not to mention, before the encore she performed Green Light and the whole room felt positive and it went mental with confetti canons going off towards the end it made an already upbeat power banger all the better. And it made my 2017 all the better as well.

1. Liam Gallagher
As You Were Tour, Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

What a night this was. The walking living legend that is LG, seeing so many Oasis classics performed live was genuinely lie seeing Oasis. And of course them being my favourite band of all time, means this was an absolutely surreal experience for me. But the atmosphere in the room was so lively and there was just so much adoration for the people on stage that I can't even believe this happened. Pinch me.


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