Introducing... Silk Cinema

Silk Cinema submitted their music to KMMR a few weeks back, I put on 'Say You'll Love Me' and I was immediately smitten but the raw talent on show here. The vocals were nigh perfect, the songwriting was magnificent and it was all laid over this swift, trippy yet smooth beat that stuck with me long after listening. With the sheer amount of music I get sent it's getting harder for bands to stand out, so for me to say Silk Cinema are, arguably, one of the most genuine talents to ever grace my 'Submit Your Music' page. So of course I had to get the London based duo to take part in an interview, just to ensure that they gain exposure for their fantastic music.

Q. Hello, so Silk Cinema is a different name, what's the story and idea behind that name?
SC: Honestly, we were just brainstorming names for the project and I think it was my manager who said 'Silk Cinema! That's what you should call it' so we were like cool, silk cinema it is! It was pretty instant and felt it fitted perfectly.

Q. Who were your biggest influences?
SC: We honestly have a lot of influences from Beethoven to Beyonce . We're both voracious consumers of music but for Silk Cinema it's mainly a mixture of mellow music old and new, Steely Dan, Sade, Cocteau Twins, 90's 00's RnB, with contemporary Dance music and Pop.

Q. What made you want to get into music?
SC: We both grew up with music as a massive part of our lives.

Q. How would you describe your music?
SC: So we've sometimes said it's like Sade in space. We generally like our stuff to be sophisticated while being simple, even minimal at times, and accessible.

Q. What do you think makes your music different?
SC: I feel like there isn't much out there at the moment that is like Silk Cinema. We're not obsessed about being current. We'd much rather be classic.

Q. 'Say You'll Love Me' is an absolutely phenomenal tune, what are stories and ideas behind that track?
SC: Thank you! Say you'll love me is actually just about being in love, in an honest relationship with no ties attached. The surprising element that this is possible and not wanting anything to take it away.

Q. 'Disappear' itself though is also a great song, how do you feel it differs and changes from 'Say You'll Love Me'?
SC: Well it's probably our most minimal song for starters.
It's also more electronic as well. Our songs vary by theme, rhythm and feel, but you can always tell it's us.
There's definitely such a thing as a Silk Cinema vibe which you'll see with future releases.

Q. When going into the studio do you have a pre-conceived plan of what you're about to create or do you just let it flow?
SC: Raph usually has a track that he's excited about or he will send me a bunch that he's been working on. Then I will pick one or two out at I love and come with lyrics and melodies. At the studio we make the song fully formed together!

Q. How long does it usually take you from song idea to completed product?
SC: That all depends really. Sometimes it's really instant and we can have a song finished in a day. But sometimes it might need two days with tinkering and going away and listening! It's important to let a song breath and listen to it in all different environments.

Q. The cover art for your singles is so simplistic and yet some really beautiful art. Where did they come from and what's the story behind them?
SC: Anna Pesquidous created our artwork. She's incredible and a dear friend. It's actually an old image taken in my flat, and we always loved it but didn't know what to use it for, then when Say you'll love me was released it just fitted perfectly!

Q. What albums are you currently listening to?
SC: Have you heard of Crystal Bats? Really digging their stuff. They could be our sister band.

Q. If you could give advice to a person planning to get into music, what would it be?
SC: Make sure you love it! It's hard work. Also, never stop learning and improving.

Q. Finally, what's next for Silk Cinema?
SC: We are releasing another single in early December, followed by an EP I think. Keep your ears pealed!

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