Bloody Knees - Maybe It's Easy (EP Review)

Bloody Knees are a rock four-piece, currently residing in London. This transition to the capital appears to have revitalised their creative talents and their love and passion for music. Their last release was 'Stitches' in 2014 which I think relied far too heavily on trying to match some musical greats rather than carving their own path to musical greatness. 'Maybe It's Easy' is the first step on their path to musical greatness, it provides some much needed creativity and originality to the bands sound.

It opens with the title track, and unsurprisingly it's also the best song on the EP. It immediately hits you, it's catchy after the first listen and I just can't imagine anyone not tapping their foot along to this. In terms of structure and lyrics it's not particularly anything special, however it just has that special edge that's quite hard to put your finger on. Next up is 'Not Done', the first single off of their new EP and I first heard it through Flying Vinyl. And to be brutally honest the first time I heard it, I really did not enjoy it at all, I thought it was repetitive and unimaginative. However, when I listened to it through some better speakers I could hear the intricacies of the guitars and I really began to love this tune and I love the drumming on it as well.

What amazes me though is the consistency of the EP considering the space of time it was recorded it was over you'd think that the band would have some very different sounding material, and whilst it obviously doesn't sound the same or stale, the band managed to create a very cohesive well rounded project. It's album time next though boys!