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Marika Hackman at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

Marika Hackman’s I’m Not Your Man will undoubtedly be on my end of the year list, so to get the chance to hear the majority of it performed live was one not to be missed. I wasn’t expecting any jumping around or moshing because this isn’t that type of music but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself as thoroughly as I did. That doesn’t mean I was expecting it to be terrible, I knew she’d be brilliant but I really could not stop bobbing my head throughout the whole thing. 
The support act was Our Girl, a band I’d listened to briefly on Spotify and really enjoyed the stuff I heard. They were very good live, however it wasn’t until I saw them up on stage that I realised that the lead singer was the guitarist out of The Big Moon. Then I was distracted wondering how she splits her time between two bands, one of which has become incredibly successful and must be busy on a daily basis. Also, how are the other members of The Big Moon okay with her splitting her time between two bands? Anyway, I …

Run The Jewels at O2 Academy, Birmingham (Live Review)

I’ve been waiting to see Run the Jewels for years, ever since I first pressed play on RTJ 1 I’ve been smitten with them. El-P’s humorous raps and unmatched production skills mixed with Killer Mike’s political aggressiveness and wondrous flow is one of the most perfect matches in music. RTJ 2 then came out, it was more aggressive, more excessive and most of all, perfect. So I was actually quite worried for RTJ 3 because I knew that RTJ 2 couldn’t be topped. And whilst it’s not better it’s damn near on its level and that’s for certain. So when RTJ decided to roll in to Birmingham on the last leg of their tour, there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was ever going to miss it.

The support act was the one and only Danny Brown. One of the most unique and entertaining rappers I’ve ever heard. He’s also one of my favourites, a tick off the bucket list for free effectively, and to hear tracks from XXX, Old and Atrocity Exhibition live was one of the most incredible experiences. Danny was accomp…

Introducing... Boy Azooga

I first saw Boy Azooga when they supported Estrons at The Cookie earlier this year, they absolutely blew me away that night. Their latest single 'Face Behind Her Cigarette' is an undeniable instant classic. Mixing some really unique, distant and distorted vocals with some expert guitar playing. It works in such a way that everything smoothly intertwines into one wonderfully exquisite song. After listening you would be mistaken to think this is already a well established band, but they're still grinding their way to the top and they've already found their perfect niche and their perfect sound. I was lucky enough to chat to the band about The Little Rascals, William Onyeabor & more...
Question. Firstly, where does the strangely unique name 'Boy Azooga' come from? 
Boy Azooga: The name is basically a tribute to my cousin Chris Bainbridge. He plays in the Edinburgh band Man Of Moon. They're class, check them out. Growing up we used to watch the film 'The…

Jake Bugg at De Montfort Hall, Leicester (Live Review)

Jake Bugg is an artist I've always loved, his first album is absolutely beautifully crafted with tunes like Lightning Bolt, Two Fingers, Broken. It's so iridescently perfect it's almost beyond description, the second album, Shangri La, didn't quite hit the same note but it was still decent. Yet this is where I controversially split opinion, I actually think his third album, On My One, is better than his second. That record was a real sign of progression for Jake Bugg, harnessing some left winged influences like Hip Hop and the Blues. When I saw that he was going on an Acoustic tour though I was quite split on whether to go at first but I'm sure glad I did.

I never believed that one man and an acoustic guitar could keep me entertained for an hour and a half, but it seems that that isn't true. Jake Bugg took some songs from his new album, used some obvious crowd pleasers and it was a really chilled and wonderful atmosphere. Jake even provided some much needed en…

Introducing... Caswell

Caswell's music is so interesting to me because in one aspect it's so totally unique, with such a deep personal aspect to every song it's almost like peering into her private life. But on the other hand it doesn't fit into any one specific genre, to refer to it as pop is insulting to how alternative it is, to call it indie doesn't recognise the influences of things such as jazz on the project. It's just well-rounded music and after listening to what is probably my EP of the year, I had to get Caswell on my 'Introducing...' series to discuss her new EP 'The Shadow Aspect'.

Question. Firstly, why did you choose to use 'Caswell' as a stage name rather than just using your birth name?
My full name is actually Kristin Caswell-Robinson, but my whole life people have gotten my first name wrong- 'Crystal', 'Kristine', 'Kirsten'- you name it! I thought it would be better to go without. 'Caswell' is a bit m…

Introducing... Silk Cinema

Silk Cinema submitted their music to KMMR a few weeks back, I put on 'Say You'll Love Me' and I was immediately smitten but the raw talent on show here. The vocals were nigh perfect, the songwriting was magnificent and it was all laid over this swift, trippy yet smooth beat that stuck with me long after listening. With the sheer amount of music I get sent it's getting harder for bands to stand out, so for me to say Silk Cinema are, arguably, one of the most genuine talents to ever grace my 'Submit Your Music' page. So of course I had to get the London based duo to take part in an interview, just to ensure that they gain exposure for their fantastic music.

Q. Hello, so Silk Cinema is a different name, what's the story and idea behind that name?
SC: Honestly, we were just brainstorming names for the project and I think it was my manager who said 'Silk Cinema! That's what you should call it' so we were like cool, silk cinema it is! It was pretty in…

Bloody Knees - Maybe It's Easy (EP Review)

Bloody Knees are a rock four-piece, currently residing in London. This transition to the capital appears to have revitalised their creative talents and their love and passion for music. Their last release was 'Stitches' in 2014 which I think relied far too heavily on trying to match some musical greats rather than carving their own path to musical greatness. 'Maybe It's Easy' is the first step on their path to musical greatness, it provides some much needed creativity and originality to the bands sound.

It opens with the title track, and unsurprisingly it's also the best song on the EP. It immediately hits you, it's catchy after the first listen and I just can't imagine anyone not tapping their foot along to this. In terms of structure and lyrics it's not particularly anything special, however it just has that special edge that's quite hard to put your finger on. Next up is 'Not Done', the first single off of their new EP and I first h…