Lorde at the O2 Academy, Birmingham (Live Review)

Lorde is an artist that has always intrigued me. She's so far out there in the mainstream, yet embraced by critics and the public alike which is two things that you usually won't find together. If you look at artists like Halsey or Katy Perry, they hold one of those things but not the other and I think it's something a pop artist probably strives for because at the end of the day, you can make all the money in the world but if no ones listening to your music in 20 years time then what really was the point?

Lorde's Melodrama is definitely one of my contenders for album of the year, probably contains some of the greatest pop songs of all time. I know that's a bold statement but I feel that strongly about how pure and powerful Lorde's music truly is. So naturally when the opportunity arose I wanted to catch Lorde on her tour, because I feel that she's one of those people who could walk away from music tomorrow and fade into obscurity. Admittedly £35 a ticket for an O2 Academy show is quite expensive but that didn't stop me from waiting on SeeTickets website at 9am on the day of ticket release. And months later I finally got to see her...

But, wow. It's hard to put into words what a phenomenal show this really was. Let's start with the support act, Khalid. Someone who's grown to prominence and is critically acclaimed. I'd honestly never listened to his music but his pure energy on stage and his infectious music was very pleasing to watch and I'm looking forward to listening to his debut album, American Teen now. The worst thing about this was the blinding light that seemed constantly pointed at my face towards the end of his set, which basically means I'm now rendered blind.

Not long after that Lorde came on. She surprisingly burst into life performing Disclosure's "Magnets", not necessarily a track to get the crowd singing but it's one to get them jumping and with only 2 albums to her name it makes sense that she would throw in a few covers. The O2 Academy then leapt into life as Tennis Court began to play, and the life never drained from the party from the get go. Only ever to have a break and for Lorde to address the crowd, it surprised me how charismatic and funny she was though, as a shout from the crowd exclaimed "Marry me" she quipped "Take me to dinner first and we'll talk about it" and before she sung the slow ballad "Liability" she sat talking about everything for a while and proclaimed her surprise that people come to see her perform. But with music this good in a world so bad, why wouldn't you?

At 2 points through the night Lorde ran off stage after songs to get changed and for the stage hands to change the neon props behind her. The gig started with a pulsating outline of an astronaut, to arching flowers and finally a shooting star. She went on to perform hits such as Team, Royals and Sober. But the two songs that set that room alight were Perfect Places and Green Light. The latter was possibly my greatest gig experience ever, with such a fantastic song and a room full of people having a good time it was evident that Lorde was thoroughly enjoying every second, and the confetti canons through the song got a huge cheer aswell. You know it's a good gig when you're genuinely sad it's over, and I've probably never been more sad to leave a venue.