Estrons at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

I first discovered Estrons when they supported Slaves on their "Back In The Van" tour last year, and I distinctly remember them performing 'I'm Not Your Girl' and it just stayed stuck in my head for weeks. After that though it took me a while to go and check out their other music but after I had I was hooked and now I'm waiting on every single release of theirs, Glasgow Kisses and Cold Wash most recently whetted my appetite but I'm terribly excited to hear whatever project they're working towards.

The first support act were Boarder, a female fronted trio with two guitarists and the leader singer playing the drums. Very Slaves-like in the pace of their tracks and  particularly enjoyed their instrumental that they played within their set, I would love to hear the finished version of that after lyrics have been added. What's so exciting about hearing these small bands at small venues is the playing of what are essentially demos but they are more fulfilled and wholesome once on a stage and that was evident with Boarder.

Boy Azooga were the support act who came on directly before Estrons and they were phenomenal, there's something special about hearing a band live for the first time and really enjoying every second of it, and to be honest I think my £8 was redeemed on their performance alone, with a psychedelic indie vibe and some really catchy songs, if they're coming to a city near you then definitely go and check them out and listen to their music.

Estrons came bouncing on and what a show they brought, lead singer Tali's voice is unmatched and utterly unique in what they do. I can't imagine these songs being performed by anyone else and I think despite the particular genre and essence of their music so not being so unique, it's the actual lyrics and performances that are.

The gig had so much energy to it, with the crowd being a little to slack to entice the energy from the stage but nonetheless it was still a great night. My particular favourite was probably "Drop" at the very end, which isn't my favourite Estrons song (Strobelights is if you're wondering) but it was a great closer to a monday night gig, and the song sounded so much better live. The only problem with the entire night was that in the first few songs it was, in Tali's words, "guitar central" and the guitars were overwhelming the vocals, but it didn't hinder my enjoyment and if you see that Estrons are coming to a city near you, then go and see them perform and you better hope that Boy Azooga are supporting them as well.