Bloody Knees at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

Bloody Knees are a rock band, with influences from other sub-genres like grunge and metal. Their music has shown a clear progression from their 2014 EP 'Stitches' which was alright, it didn't cut them a clear path though and it was clear they hadn't quite found their sound. On 'Maybe It's Easy' which was released a few weeks ago they really captured their sound, with much better songwriting, lyricism and some beautiful guitar playing throughout. It seems that they all harnessed their talents and left us with a great EP, them 3 years off obviously did them the world of good.

I was understandably very excited to go and see them at The Cookie in Leicester when I had the chance then. To make it even more desirable it was a free gig, something I'm never going to turn down the chance to go to. It was quite busy when we got there, which just shows how quickly Bloody Knees are accumulating a fan base, made even more spectacular by their hiatus. At the start of the gig the lead singer beckoned the crowd forward, because for some reason at The Cookie the crowd are always cautious to stand close to the stage. Then he had to get involved with the crowd to get a mosh pit started, probably not the most energetic crowd that Bloody Knees have ever played to but they certainly played their part in making it lively.

On the night, a few of the cuts off of 'Stitches' shone better than they did on the EP, but it was the new tracks that stole the show. Renditions of 'I Want It All', 'Not Done' and the show closer 'Maybe It's Easy' absolutely stole the show, with mosh pits in the modest crowd continuing through all of them. A rocky start to 'Not Done' and a restart didn't halt the amazingness of seeing such a raucous and head banging track live. After the harmonious heaviness of 'Maybe It's Easy' the crowd wanted more, but unfortunately Bloody Knees had no more to give, if you're into any sort of rock then definitely try and catch Bloody Knees on tour!