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Introducing... Francobollo

I recently saw Francobollo at The Cookie, they were jaw-droppingly perfect live. The cuts from their album 'Long Live Life' sounded all the better live and some of the guitar playing on show was absolutely majestic. What the band have managed to encapsulate is a unique sound, pulling from many different genres and accumulating in one of my albums of the year. I got the chance to chat with them recently, and it sounds as if their band dynamic really gets their creative juices flowing and culminates in the great music they produce. We further chatted about their album art, their UK tour and... Italian postage stamps...

Question: What does Francobollo mean and where does it come from?
The name Francobollo is Italian and means postage stamp. it was our first bassist Frans that came up with the name. He plays in a great band in sweden called "Sista Bossen" Check them out! Mad pop punk sung in swedish. really good!

Q: What made you want to pursue music?

Bloody Knees at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

Bloody Knees are a rock band, with influences from other sub-genres like grunge and metal. Their music has shown a clear progression from their 2014 EP 'Stitches' which was alright, it didn't cut them a clear path though and it was clear they hadn't quite found their sound. On 'Maybe It's Easy' which was released a few weeks ago they really captured their sound, with much better songwriting, lyricism and some beautiful guitar playing throughout. It seems that they all harnessed their talents and left us with a great EP, them 3 years off obviously did them the world of good.

I was understandably very excited to go and see them at The Cookie in Leicester when I had the chance then. To make it even more desirable it was a free gig, something I'm never going to turn down the chance to go to. It was quite busy when we got there, which just shows how quickly Bloody Knees are accumulating a fan base, made even more spectacular by their hiatus. At the start of…

Caswell - The Shadow Aspect (EP Review)

Caswell is a singer-songwriter hailing from Suffolk in the UK. She's on the come up at the moment, grinding out the small shows as you would expect. However, what you wouldn't expect from such a project is such a wholesome, warm and enticing sound. The Shadow Aspect encapsulates everything I look to hear from a singer, but most importantly it has that personality stamp that goes amiss with so many artists.

What I mean by this is the genuine emotion on tracks such as 'Not So Simple' which is one of my favourites on the EP. It's far too melodic and catchy for an artist that is relatively new to the music scene, with such brilliant production carrying the song through as well. Which is something that lays across this whole EP like a warm blanket, such eloquent and perfect production is essential to an artist that has such a uniquely traversing voice. The track 'Run Me A Cold Bath' harnesses a soft bass and entices in a piano in the breaks of the song, and it …

Francobollo at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

Francobollo are a progressive grunge band from Sweden, a country that has produced some phenomenal talent over the years, but next in line for the spotlight is none other than these lads. They recently released their debut album, Long Live Life, an album that I’ve grown to love since its release with some phenomenal guitar work on the album and some very clever use of samplers to go with it. I can’t wait to see these guys gain all the fame deserve over the next few years.

The Cookie is my go to venue at the moment, purely because it just has the sound systems set up perfectly and the acoustics of the room are nigh on perfect. Not to mention I love the informality of it, being able to meet the artist after they perform most of the time is always a huge plus and, for the most part, they locally source the support acts as well. But I digress. Francobollo kicked off their show with the fantastic tune ‘Worried Times’ which got certain members of the audience bopping along, and what impre…

Declan McKenna at O2 Academy, Leicester (Live Review)

Declan McKenna's 'What Do You Think About The Car?' is my strongest contender for album of the year at the moment. It encapsulates so much I love about music, it's catchy, witty and serious all at the same times. The inspiring anthem 'Paracetomol' is one of my personal favourites from the Glastonbury Rising Artist award winner. But it's tracks like 'The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home' and 'Brazil' that really set him apart from the competition. They're the type of songs where you hear them first and think "Wow, they're catchy" and after more listens the lyrics start to set in and it changes the whole aspect of the song. For example, 'Brazil' is a really upbeat song but it's actually about the damning effects of the 2014 World Cup on the poorer populace of the country. So understandably I was overly excitable at the chance to see him live. (My girlfriend had to talk me out of going to the Birmingham gig as well.…

Estrons at The Cookie, Leicester (Live Review)

I first discovered Estrons when they supported Slaves on their "Back In The Van" tour last year, and I distinctly remember them performing 'I'm Not Your Girl' and it just stayed stuck in my head for weeks. After that though it took me a while to go and check out their other music but after I had I was hooked and now I'm waiting on every single release of theirs, Glasgow Kisses and Cold Wash most recently whetted my appetite but I'm terribly excited to hear whatever project they're working towards.
The first support act were Boarder, a female fronted trio with two guitarists and the leader singer playing the drums. Very Slaves-like in the pace of their tracks and  particularly enjoyed their instrumental that they played within their set, I would love to hear the finished version of that after lyrics have been added. What's so exciting about hearing these small bands at small venues is the playing of what are essentially demos but they are more ful…

Lorde at the O2 Academy, Birmingham (Live Review)

Lorde is an artist that has always intrigued me. She's so far out there in the mainstream, yet embraced by critics and the public alike which is two things that you usually won't find together. If you look at artists like Halsey or Katy Perry, they hold one of those things but not the other and I think it's something a pop artist probably strives for because at the end of the day, you can make all the money in the world but if no ones listening to your music in 20 years time then what really was the point?

Lorde's Melodrama is definitely one of my contenders for album of the year, probably contains some of the greatest pop songs of all time. I know that's a bold statement but I feel that strongly about how pure and powerful Lorde's music truly is. So naturally when the opportunity arose I wanted to catch Lorde on her tour, because I feel that she's one of those people who could walk away from music tomorrow and fade into obscurity. Admittedly £35 a ticket f…