Types - A P P A R I T I O N (Track Review)

Apparition, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a remarkable or unexpected appearance of someone or something. And if I’m honest this perfectly describes Types as a band to me. They came out of nowhere going from a band that I’d never heard of to one of my favourites in the space of mere weeks. And with the release of their debut EP, The Future Is Close Enough, I was astounded at the sheer talent of these guys. But then came the first single leading up to their next project, I Can Taste Blood and it blew my mind even more. Their ability to craft songs that are so catchy yet so out there, with lyrics that make you think and sit and listen. I had the chance to listen to their new single, Apparition, a few weeks ago and over this period I must have listened to it hundreds of times, playing it over and over and over has made me think that Types are only catapulting themselves into super stardom with each passing release.

Apparition heavily uses synthesizers in comparison to the rest of their music, which is still relatively synth heavy anyway. But this use of them makes the track feel incredibly ethereal and spaced out. Almost as if you are looking in on the song from the outside rather than actually listening to it, it’s an incredibly trippy experience and I love every second of it. It feels nigh on impossible to sit here and describe such a complex and majestic track to you, but that’s what makes Types so incredibly special to me and it’s why I recommend that you go and listen to all of their available music.

What is also quite impressive about this track is the fact that all of the instruments sound so singular, as if they’re apart from the music, but they’re not and if you listen closely you can make out every single instrument being played from the guitars to the drums and I like that separation of sounds but they come together so well. On to the theme of the song, the lyrics represent almost a cry for desperation, as the chorus kicks in with “I’ll be coming round with my hand out looking for a hand out” it’s that anti-establishment vibe that will make you sit and think, this isn’t music you can just put on and ignore, you have to sit and digest this. With such unique and distorted vocals it will be hard for you to understand all of the lyrics at first but that, for me, is all part of the charm.