The Virginmarys - Sitting Ducks (EP Review)

Macclesfield rockers, The Virginmarys, have today released their new EP. Sitting Ducks contains 4 songs that are each very different sonically yet still sticking to a common theme. I can't help but feel a sense of sadness whilst listening to this EP and realising that these guys aren't up there with the Royal Bloods of the world yet, because that's exactly where they belong to be.

Sitting Ducks opens with the song the EP was named after, it's an incredibly hard hitting, ferocious track that will leave you pinned to your seat for 3 minutes or so. and that's not even an overstatement. I was incredibly surprised by these guys and their unheard talent that's lying dormant. The song Sweet Loretta is definitely the best song on the EP and I'm sure that the Virginmarys know that because they released it as a single with a very interesting video.

The video is someone screaming the lyrics atop a mountain, and that just sums up the sound of this song. A complete arena filler that you just want to sing from the top of your lungs, it's one of them songs that you could imagine hitting the big time and really resonating with people. For all of the bubblegum pop, house tracks that make it famous it feels as though this type of music is the polar opposite of that and is the counter.

Through The Sky is a lot slower, switching up the pace of the EP, but it's also incredibly melodic and I believe that this shows how dynamic the band can be and exemplifies a wide array of talent within The Virginmarys. And it's about time someone put a place like Macclesfield back on the map and The Virginmarys may just be the band to do it.