Ronen Green - Coincidence (EP Review)

If you haven't checked out my interview with Ronen yet then go HERE and take a read of that, it's really interesting to chat to someone with such a different outlook onmusic, a much more laissez-faire view rather than the norm that is "I must get my music heard right now!". He's a very calm guy, and that really comes across in his music as he makes such calming, melodic music that gives Ronen's music that different edge.

Ronen hails from Israel, but has roots in so many different countries. This is something that doesn't necessarily come across in his music as he sings in English so perfectly it's hard to realise where Green does originate from. The EP opens with a cover of Joni Mitchell's Win or Die, and it does the EP a lot of justice in the way that I think I actually prefer this to the original, which isn't as big as you may think because I'm not the biggest Joni Mitchell fan but I do find this cover very soothing.

Something that is evident within the EP is how phenomenally it is produced, with it's melodic guitars and slow, clinical production. It represents a clear evolution from Ronen's 2013 debut album, Puzzles, which was still very good in its own right but Coincidence is definitely a step above, and it's that clear evolution that I look for in an artist as they grow into their sound. Something else that Ronen has elevated is his songwriting ability as incredibly emotional songs such as Two Little Girls are so sweet and so thought provoking it shows such an emotionally available side and that is something that impresses me about this EP.