Rat Boy - SCUM (Review)

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Rat Boy is a singer-songwriter of sorts, it's hard to pin him down to one category because he touches on so many including pop, grunge, punk, dance. Ultimately, he just does whatever he wants music-wise and I think that really shows on this album. I have to review the deluxe version of the album because it includes hilarious skits and loads of extra songs, to the point where I don't even know why you would purchase the standard version because you're missing half of the album. And you definitely don't want to miss a single second of this album because it's phenomenal.

The album opens with Turn Round M8, a great start to the album! A hard hitting, punk-esque track about getting into a fight basically. You know an album is special when the very first line is "the c*nt stunk of skunk as he grabbed me by the neck" if that isn't a tone-setter then I have no idea what is. What makes this album so great is how brutally honest it is, no holds barred lyrics and great music making from the raucous Boiling Point to the loved-up Laidback, the latter of which may just be one of my favourite songs this year. It contains Jordan Cardy (Rat Boy) trying his hand at a love song, in his own way, and it's surprisingly VERY good. With a softer singing voice and, ironically, a Laidback beat it catapults this song into one of my favourites.

Revolution is another song that knocks it out of the park, hitting at the grand regime saying things like they took him off his medication, so he wants to start a revolution. I think it exposes some of the pettiness of society but it's also a very humorous take on some of the very serious problems in society. Much like the Trump Towers Interlude where it has Donald Trump ridiculing his supporters for believing his lies and taking part in a rigged election, it's funny but it doesn't really fit in with the album, if the album was a bit more of a social statement and punk-y then it would make that bit more sense.

The deluxe version of the album is actually quite long, but never does it get boring, and I think the skits help to move it along at a swift pace. But there's so many songs on here that could potentially be world beaters, and every single one of them is so incredibly catchy that I can't help but feel that Rat Boy is criminally underrated. So many people are referring to him as the poor mans Jamie T but if he carries on like this then Jamie T is going to be the poor man's Rat Boy.