Logic - Everybody (Review)

I've stated before that I absolutely love Logic's flow and his ability to spit. But there's always that been key element missing from his music and I can never quite put my finger on it. I loved his last album The Incredible True Story, loved the theme behind that thought it was very different. The skits were a little long and got overplayed very quickly but nonetheless it was still a solid project but not perfect. Logic's always labelled as corny, I couldn't disagree more, I think it's very easy for people to label rappers that talk about things like being sensitive, suffering and having problems as being cringe inducing. It's ridiculous.

This album has the longest skits ever! To the point where sometimes it's just Logic talking to further the theme of his song. This doesn't just happen on one occasion, it happens multiple times. The song Anziety is definitely the worst of this because you listen to minutes of irrelevance, to be fair Lucy Rose is very good on this track, but for the last few minutes he literally just talks about how anxiety has effected his life massively. Then he starts talking directly to the listener and it's honestly incredibly cringe worthy when he does that, because 90% of the people listening to the song aren't even going to relate. Not to mention, there's another underlying story that has nothing to do with the context of the album, it's the tale of a man who dies and he's talking to God and finds out he's reincarnated as everyone. Literally everyone! What does that even have to do with anything on this album?! It's crazy. The final skit on the album I did enjoy however, I'm not going to ruin it but I would say listen to all of Logic's other albums before this one.

Logic's beat selection is better than ever on this record. I love the instrumental for Black Spiderman with this ongoing static noise constantly reentering it blends in and matches the tone of the song perfectly. I just feel like the ending of this song is way too overdramatic for the song, and when Damien Lemar Hudson starts singing Black Spiderman in his warbly voice it's honestly so hilarious. What is this track even about? One big promo for Donald Glover to play Spiderman? and the skit at the end! Can Logic not just make a song and then leave it, it would probably significantly reduce his production costs cutting out the numerous amounts of voice actors he has to use,

Logic's flow is ever prevelant, I love this guys flow. His way to blend words over a beat, and flow so quickly and effortlessly is definitely something that draws me in to his music, because it's rare today to even see a rapper actually spit over a track *cough* Young Thug *cough* but sometimes this is wasted because the song is doubled or tripled in length with the skits. Not to mention, sometimes it feels like he's saying a lot of words, but not really saying anything. This is shown on Killing Spree. Which has arguably the most surprise feature ever, Ansel Elgort, THAT Ansel Elgort. Surprisingly this guy is actually the best part of the song. The song Take It Back is one of my favourites on the album because I was heavily invested in his spoken word story that begins halfway through, but I just kept thinking why doesn't he portray this story through his incredible rapping talent? Overall, this album has it's highs and it's lows but the skits are heavy and long and don't add anything to the album really. Not to mention that Logic consistently uses the N word which just doesn't sit right with me at all, he's white despite his Dad's or his siblings colour. This album was disappointing as hell, I really believe that Logic could release a masterpiece, but this definitely wasn't it.