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Introducing... Adwaith

It's not very often a band come along and genuinely excite you to your very core. Adwaith are one of those bands, their name is Welsh for Reaction and my immediate reaction after listening to them was "I want more" and it's good then that they have their debut album coming out very soon. Their lyrics are incredibly funny, very Smiths-like and their ability to craft a catchy tune is pretty much unmatched in the underground scene. Their latest single, Femme, is one of the funniest serious songs I've probably ever heard with their mocking of the predominantly sexist society we live in. It's tunes to keep you warm in anticipation for winter. I had the chance to chat with Adwaith about the importance of feminism, Femme and Libertino Records...

Question. 'Adwaith' in English means 'Reaction', what does that mean to you and why did you decide to choose that?
There's no deep meaning behind it, one of our mothers asked us what reaction was in English and we thought it would work haha

Q. What/who inspired you to create music and become musicians?
We were inspired to start the band after attending Maes B in Meifod back in 2015. We've always been a fan on Welsh language music, but saw a lack of girls in the scene. We thought "we could do that" and we started writing songs

Q. You're gaining critical acclaim from everywhere, how does that make you and those who have supported you feel?
It makes us extremely proud and we are so thankful for all the support we've been given.

Q. And being on BBC Introducing is always a huge honour, what was that like?
It was so surreal! It was overwhelming but one of the best experiences we've had as a band so far. We loved every second. 

Q. Working with Huw Stephens must have been pretty special as well, how do you feel he helped?
We met him for the first time in a gig we did on 'Dydd Miwsig Cymru' in the Castle Emporium in Cardiff, and he has been extremely supportive of all of our work. He organised a Maida Vale session for us, played us on BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio 1. We love you Huw!

Q. And through all of these busy times you've managed to record your debut album, how is it sounding?
It sounds unlike anything you've heard from us before, our sound has been changing with every release, but we feel that this album is going to be something pretty cool. Expect the unexpected

Q. Your label, Libertino, has described it as 'Creatively ground breaking' and 'will stand as one of the most important albums to come out of Wales. Is that pressure that helps you to grow or do you feel that it hinders you?
It definitely helps us grow more than anything. It gives us a certain drive and focus as a band to always be on our toes and writing new music and experimenting with things. Libertino gives us a kick in the behind to keep on top of things.

Q. You've just released your new single, Femme, which just may be one of my favourite songs of the year. Such dreamy production with such a powerful image, how important was portraying the inequalities and ridiculing them to you?
We're so pleased with how this track turned out! It was definitely really important to portray the inequalities that women deal with. We're all feminists and we believe In equal rights so it's very natural for us to write/ perform in activities that represent this, for example we've organised our own 'FEMME' gigs. Which is us basically putting on gigs with an all female line up. Our first night was in the parrot in Carmarthen and we're organising more around Wales and hopefully in England so keep your eyes peeled! We hope to inspire young girls by doing this. We want to see more girls with guitars!

Q. Using your platform to change and challenge the norm and patriarchy is very important, but do you feel that other people aren't seeing it that way and thus has it hindered your progress at any point?
We don't believe it has hindered our progress, it's doing exactly what we hoped it would do.
For example, we've had so many people tell us that they've seen feminism in a different light after listening to our track! (Most of them being fully grown men).

Q. The lyrics for Femme are actually presented in a humorous way, which you probably wouldn't expect yet I think it makes the point more significant. Was it a conscious decision to make it that funny or was it that the ideas of school skirts, cat calling and covering up are so ridiculous that you couldn't help but just laugh at those ideals?
We decided we wanted wanted it to be light hearted and humorous very early on in the songwriting process to contrast with the hard hitting lyrics.

Q. There's so much brilliant music coming out of Wales at the moment, yourselves included, who are you tipping for super stardom?
Not to be prejudice but libertino is full of amazing Welsh talent. ARGRPH, Los Blancos, The Tates. We also love CHROMA (who recently played Reading and Leeds Festival! How amazing!) 

Q. What artists are you listening to right now?
We love The Slits, The Velvet Underground, Happy Mondays, Sunflower Bean, Sticky Fingers and Mac Demarco

Q. And what are some of your favourite albums of all time, those ones that really inspired you and changed your life?
My favourite album of all time is 'Quadrophenia' by The Who. Absolutely genius! It's a work of art. I'm so in love with the 60's mod culture.
Gwen: 'Queen is Dead' by The Smiths because it was my first encounter of sarcastic songs with a really cheery but slightly dark songs. Never heard anything like it, I listened to it for about a year non stop

Q. Does making music come naturally to you or do you have to force it?
It comes pretty naturally! It's a combined effort between the 3 of us. Every song is different. Some we come up with the lyrics first and then add music to it, but sometimes one of us will just start playing like a cool riff or a drum beat or something in practise and we just build from there

Q. Finally, what's next for Adwaith and what's the ultimate goal?
We want to be able to do Adwaith full time. We'd love to go on tour and tick a few festivals off our list.

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