Everything Everything - A Fever Dream (Review)

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Everything Everything are a dream pop band from Manchester, currently on their fourth album. It's been a few years since their last album, 2015's Get To Heaven, and although that received huge critical praise it left me wanting more. If anything, it was too much of a pop album for a band that have a singer with such a unique voice and the fact that they show such phenomenal talent with their ability to craft a catchy and infectious tune. They've took a complete U-Turn on this album, taking a much darker route that I think fits the band like a glove.

The album opens with Night of The Long Knives, a slow start but after about half a inute it kicks into gear and has this overblown, dubstep-esque beat that flits in between too much and too little and ultimately leaves it being just right. It's quite a daunting song in one sense with the overbearing music, the warbling voice. It culminates into a very dark sound for the band and I'm so glad that it carries on throughout the whole album!

The single Desire, is one of the best songs on here because it's so annoyingly catchy. I just can't get it out of my head anytime. It's one of the lighter, poppier tracks on the album due to it's higher-pitched synths and quicker melody. It's a potential chart-topper but being a band that aren't mainstream, unfortunately it's never going to happen. One thing that does hinder the album is the way in which the sound is not switched up at any point, it's dark pop from minute 1 to the end. And whilst it isn't necessarily the worst thing to happen, it does mean that after a few listens you can begin to get bored as you work your way through the album.