Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age of Wireless (Classic Review)

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Thomas Dolby is an 80's electronic artist famed for singles such as She Blinded Me With Science and Hyperactive. A somewhat forgotten artist nowadays with a dwindling fan base. Yet thanks to my Dad being an absolute Uber fan I've been forced to listen to his music since I was very young and now I've been forced to do this review. However, this album is critically loved with a lot of music critics and media alike claiming this album as a forgotten gem. I would arguably claim that it is. Whilst it has not aged perfectly, for the genre of music it falls into it hasn't exactly aged badly and that is saying a lot of praise because electronic music from that era sounds terrible these days.

Part of the allure of Dolby's music is that it's so genuine, you can feel in his craft that he loves what he does and there's been so much time and effort into perfecting each and every song. From every drumbeat to every keyboard press, it's been explicitly thought out. And it's through his famous songs that you can see his greatest achievements. She Blinded Me With Science for example has been perfected so much you can see your face in its reflection. And to be fair to Thomas Dolby the album doesn't settle for a sound that works commercially. There's a constant essence of the fact that he's pushing himself to make something completely new and different. Through this he makes songs such as Europa and The Pirate Twins and One of Our Submarines. But when compiled into a tracklist they flow so well.

Further, The Golden Age of Wireless does something that every album tries to do. It grabs your attention. You can be thoroughly engrossed in this album if you're interested in all of the different sounds and styles that combine to make one song, and then you can do that again with the next song. Even if you don't/can't enjoy the music then at least you can appreciate the craft of a true artist and musician who has maintained a fanbase so loyal that they'll patiently wait for years to just to hear a songs snippet. And that is what makes an artist great.