The Amazons - The Amazons (Review)

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Guitar rock has been proclaimed dead by the higher powers that be, with Kasabian claiming they're the last great rock band (If you've read my review of their latest album you know that's not true), yet I think there is some great, young and raw talent coming through the ranks. If you look at bands such as Catfish & The Bottlemen they're trying their best to revive it. The main problem is that labels pick up what sells, and will disregard a band if they aren't going to make money no matter how good they are. Up step The Amazons with their stab at rock super stardom and it's a piledriving first attempt. Throughout the whole album they barely let up with their heavy guitars and the lead singer's very rock influenced voice. He's a very talented singer and that really shows on the slower cuts of the album.

My favourite song on the album has to be Ultraviolet, with it's much slower tone, it sounds much more indie-esque than a lot of the album. I prefer the slower, indier songs on the album because I feel that is where the bands true talents shine through, with the guitars cutting in and out. Albeit a little generic. Which is where the problems cut in with The Amazons, you'd be hard pressed to find what makes them so incredibly special, what truly makes them so unique and the answer is there really isn't anything. They've carved a sound out of something that is already pre-existing, taking incredibly heavy influence from other acts in the genre. You could argue that the lead singer sets them apart but I don't think he's as unique and creative enough to blow the doors off the genre and mark their territory.

My favourite thing about the album though isn't actually what's on the album, it's what's on the deluxe edition with it's acoustic versions of some of the cuts on the album. The hit single Junk Food Forever is incredibly pleasing when performed acoustically, creating a larger, more emotional dynamic to the song and putting more of the spotlight on the singers voice, letting him break out of his rock imprisonment. Overall, this is a strong debut for the band, but I don't think it sets itself apart from other artists in the same genre, just leaving it incredibly forgettable.