James Hersey - Pages (EP Review)

James Hersey is an Austrian singer, whom plays his fields within electro-pop crossovers. He's seen monumental success all over Europe with numerous EP's and his 2015 album. However, he's never managed to break into the British or American market despite his warm beats and smooth singing voice. The main problem is that he's two-a-penny and what I mean by this is that you can pick up hit Alesso or Avicii track and not only get a great singing performance attached but you get a great beat to go along with it. The opener of the EP, Miss You, contains the best beat on the whole thing, easily, it also holds the best performance over all 5 tracks with a very warm, embracing sound and great production. The problem is that it's downhill from here, Everybody's Talking just sounds incredibly pretentious, whether intended or not, you can also tell throughout that English is not his first language because he over-pronounces words in places that native-English speakers usually wouldn't.

I absolutely love the tongue in cheek pop of the song Tomorrow, it's got a solitary guitar running behind the beat through all of the song which I really enjoy. But again the lyrics let the song down, as it's just typical teenager-relateable pop with no real substance to it. And that's probably the main theme of this EP, there's no real substance to the whole thing, despite the very warm, enticing production and his ear for a beat. There's just nothing on this EP that really hits me, if you're a teen though you're going to love this.


Best Tracks: Miss You, Coming Over
Worst Tracks: Tomorrow, Everybody's Talking