Introducing... Beachwood Coyotes

Beachwood Coyotes are a very exciting up and coming band whom have displayed a phenomenal talent for versatility. Almost going as far as swapping genres with some of their songs. This is just an exceptionally obvious display of how talented these lads from LA really are. And as they are gaining momentum and their fan base is growing I recommend jumping on the bandwagon and listening to these guys before they hit it worldwide. I was lucky enough to ask lead singer Jason a lot of questions, and the ambiguity only adds to their allure. See the whole interview below:

Question. Firstly, What made you want to start making music?
Beachwood Coyotes: Nothing else gave me that feeling, so I kept chasing it. I'm still chasing it.

Q. What was it like getting into the studio for the first time?
BC: I was 13 the first time I was in a studio and it was scary

Q. Who were your biggest influences?
BC: Billy Joel was my first concert and he was my first influence.

Q. And where does the name, Beachwood Coyotes come from?
BC: An acid trip gone wrong. Oh... and a dead body.

Q. Your sound varies between songs, there really is something for everyone. Is that a conscious decision?
BC: We’re always discussing ways to improve or make progress with our sound but it’s a very natural progression.

Q. I think my favourite song by you guys is Cage, what's your favourite Beachwood Coyotes song?
BC: I’m glad you like Cage. My current favorite beachwood coyotes song is called “Settle Down” and it’s on our upcoming EP called Scrubby.

Q. What's the biggest hinderence whilst making music?
BC: Writers block. 100%

Q. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
BC: Frank Ocean

Q. What music are you listening to most at the minute?
BC: Flower Boy by Tyler The Creator

Q. What's your recording process like, is it easy or is it very challenging?
BC: It’s very challenging, we put a lot or pressure on ourselves.

Q. And how often are you going in to the studio?
BC: We’re always in and out of the studio, it’s important to push yourself to write new music constantly. Writing is a muscle that you need to workout.

Q. What's your future plans for your music?
BC: Implanting our music via microchip into peoples ear canals. Gonna be syq.

Q. And finally, how would you describe your music?
BC: Abrasive, angsty, abnormal, ass

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