Flying Vinyl: July 2017 (Review)

Flying Vinyl July 2017

It's finally here! My second Flying Vinyl box set. And I'm at that point now where I'm scouring the back catalogue on the site and drooling over each box set wishing I could afford to work my way through the back catalogue. Until that day arrives though I'm scraping through with one a month and still not regretting it! I was so excited when I saw this below my letter box, I went upstairs an span each A and B side on my deck and here's my collated thoughts on each 7"...

Bloody Knees - Not Done / I Want It All


Bloody Knees open up the July boxset. And what a way to open the boxset. Their heavy rock blasts straight through your speakers and shakes you right to the core and you'll love every second of it! What Bloody Knees are essentially is a grunge band with a melting pot of other influences in there. There's a very obvious influence of Nirvana in there yet Bloody Knees have utilised the 90's trend to sound up to date, cool and bone shatteringly brilliant. A must listen!

Swimming Girls - Tastes Like Money / 2 Kids

This double A side is by far and away my favourite 7" of any that have been in my 2 boxes so far. The Bristolian group have took on the in-sound at the moment. Synthed up to the max, 80's influenced pop. But they've added their unique spin on the sound, and I can only see these guys being absolutely humongous in the coming years. Tastes Like Money is one of my favourite tracks of the year, it's THAT good. Pay attention to their lyrics aswell because I'm in fear of people underrating their lyrical ability.

Mellow Gang - Vendetta / Lagoon

 Mellow Gang are like a merge between Lana Del Rey and an indie band. Which shouldn't really work on paper, yet when it's actually put into play it comes to life and it's great. One of the things I particularly love are the very ethereal vocals which conjure such a dreamy yet trippy silhouette that glides through each song effortlessly. I'm not a big fan of the cover of the single though. The transparent vinyl is beautiful though, and it sounds oh so much sweeter on wax.

Weirdo & Co - Count Me Out / Heartbreaker

Weirdo + Co are one of the more intereting artists to come through FLying Vinyl so far. They make such spaced out, synth pop and it feels like you're tripping just from listening to Count Me Out with it's plethora of different sounds being played out all over the place. It's best referred to as a tidy mess, and I really enjoy it for what it is. Incredibly fun, unique pop that harnesses all of the potential of their incredibly talented singer

Theo Verney - Mind Fire / Letter Down

Theo Verney is someone that I'm surprised hasn't made it famous yet. He's got that quirky singer-songwriter charisma to him and his music that people usually fall in love with. He's more of an uplifting Ben Howard to me, with very James Bay-esque vocals. Mind Fire is a very melodic, soulful track that you could put on and just leave on as you relax. I would love to hear a full length vinyl LP by Theo, it's perfect for vinyl.