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Introducing... Luna Ruggiero

Luna Ruggiero is an artist that I would happily put money on to hit stardom. I think, well I know, that she has such a powerful voice and a unique outlook on music that comes from such a dark place. Yet when she first contacted me to listen to her single, Venomous, she presented herself with such infectious enthusiasm for her music it was hard to ignore. And yet I didn't want to avoid her because she's so incredibly talented that I had to get an interview with her to present her to you guys. So take a read of what Luna had to say about her musical beginnings, her unique recording sessions and her incessant training of her vocals...

Q. Hello Luna, firstly what made you get into music initially?
LR: It's such a hard question to answer! I think it started when I was a child, I would always be singing in my room and daydreaming all the time - even singing on the toilet! I used to have a little blue CD player and stacks of different artists from rock to pop. When I was feeling s…

L-Space - Aloe (Track Review)

The spaced out, choir that introduces the song leads up to this track so perfectly. And it compliments, lead singer, Lily's soft, celestial vocals. And I couldn't possibly be more impressed with the evolution of Lily's vocals as it's obvious that she is gaining more confidence and really refining her talent she is beginning to dominate L-Space tracks and that is exactly the direction I wanted this band to go in. The quality of the track doesn't end with those lovely vocals, the production is also upper echelon.

If you were to play this track and tell someone that this band are self funded and have taught themselves all the tricks of the trade then they probably wouldn't believe you just because of the sheer amount of talent that is on show here. Once again, the use of electronics is utilised perfectly and I can't help but feel that this type of sound coincides with the vocals so perfectly it is definitely a match made in heaven.

Overall, this track is def…

The Charlatans - Different Days (Review)

Long-standing Britpop outfit The Charlatans are back with their 13th album, many artists don't make it this far, very few even break the 10 album barrier. However, Different Days is probably their best album in nearly 20 years. Lead vocalist, Tim Burgess, is widely known for being able to actually sing very well, compared to the other singer's in Britpop's elite this is actually an achievement, but that was never the appeal of Britpop. Burgess can really ride a groove on this album, seamlessly flowing over the tracks, very smoothly. Immediately on the first track, Hey Sunrise, you would suspect this was a different band though because the lower tone of his voice and the slow, melodic harmony of the acoustic guitar is very un-Charlatans. The real winner on this album though is the song Not Forgotten, an eery 90's throwback to the days where the only thing to talk about in music was Blur v Oasis and Kate Moss was everywhere. But what really shines on the track is the em…

James Hersey - Pages (EP Review)

James Hersey is an Austrian singer, whom plays his fields within electro-pop crossovers. He's seen monumental success all over Europe with numerous EP's and his 2015 album. However, he's never managed to break into the British or American market despite his warm beats and smooth singing voice. The main problem is that he's two-a-penny and what I mean by this is that you can pick up hit Alesso or Avicii track and not only get a great singing performance attached but you get a great beat to go along with it. The opener of the EP, Miss You, contains the best beat on the whole thing, easily, it also holds the best performance over all 5 tracks with a very warm, embracing sound and great production. The problem is that it's downhill from here, Everybody's Talking just sounds incredibly pretentious, whether intended or not, you can also tell throughout that English is not his first language because he over-pronounces words in places that native-English speakers usua…

COMPETITION: Vinyl Giveaway

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Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age of Wireless (Classic Review)

Thomas Dolby is an 80's electronic artist famed for singles such as She Blinded Me With Science and Hyperactive. A somewhat forgotten artist nowadays with a dwindling fan base. Yet thanks to my Dad being an absolute Uber fan I've been forced to listen to his music since I was very young and now I've been forced to do this review. However, this album is critically loved with a lot of music critics and media alike claiming this album as a forgotten gem. I would arguably claim that it is. Whilst it has not aged perfectly, for the genre of music it falls into it hasn't exactly aged badly and that is saying a lot of praise because electronic music from that era sounds terrible these days.

Part of the allure of Dolby's music is that it's so genuine, you can feel in his craft that he loves what he does and there's been so much time and effort into perfecting each and every song. From every drumbeat to every keyboard press, it's been explicitly thought out. A…

The Weeknd - Starboy (Review)

Toronto R&B singer-songwriter, The Weeknd, is now on his 3rd studio album. The first of which was the terribly mediocre Kissland. It was critically panned and rightly so, it contained drawn out, boring, sample-filled, lazy R&B and an overuse of screams throughout. Which was terribly disturbing. The follow up to this was Beauty Behind the Madness, this was an absolutely phenomenal album which contained an aim at the mainstream but not in a way that was selling out as such, but shaping his already dark lyrics to match beats that the general public and radio would love. For example, the biggest hit, Can't Feel My Face, was all about his "face coming off a bag of blow" as he states on this album. Where The Weeknd really reached his creative genius however was with his first 3 mixtapes. House of Balloons is one of my favourite albums of all time, and I'm sure many of you agree. I wasn't the biggest fan of Thursday but the finale of the trilogy, Echoes of Sile…

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 3 (Review)

This album is getting on to being nearly a year old, but I thought it'd be fun to review the album because it was such a phenomenally well constructed album. Run The Jewels is made up of legendary underground rappers, El-P and Killer Mike. What makes them so great is El-P's incredibly well made beats as showcased more effectively on RTJ2 and Killer Mike's incredible lyrical ability and unique quick fire flow. Leading up to this album I was incredibly hyped for its release with the brilliant singles that were released for it, Legend Has It, 2100 & Talk To Me. 2100 was a slower, politically charged anthem that really switched up the flow of the album, leading to a darker atmosphere. Where Run The Jewels really show their power is on their hype anthems and Talk To Me is really one of their best.

What astounds me about Run The Jewels is the way that both El-P and Killer Mike were prestiged artists in their own right, but together they create incredible, overpowering, per…

Introducing... L-Space

L-Space are a futuristic, electronic band from Scotland who are as equally intriguing as they are exciting. Their mixture of hard basslines, along with sounds straight from the future culminate to set the background for, lead singer's, Lily's vocals to purr over the track. What they do so magnificently is to carve their own uniqueness into your brain and their sole place on the scene leaves them with little to no competition. I recently got to interview them about everything to do with music, the future and their recent formation...

Question. Firstly, the name L-Space. Where did it come from and what does it mean?
We are fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series. In Discworld there is an alternate dimension called L-space, short for library space, (like m-space in physics), which is created by the fact that books warp space and time due to the absolutely true and definitely mathematical concept that Knowledge is Power. You can enter L-space through libraries and y…

Let's Talk About My Favourite Albums...

I thought it'd be fun to list out just 10 of my favourite albums, this isn't a difinitive list, nor is it even my top 10. However, these were the top 10 that came to mind when I thought about my favourite albums. If you enjoy this list let me know and I'll do another favourite album list!

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

This album defined britpop and Oasis' whole career, they never topped this album. Many might argue that Morning Glory is better, but they need not look any further than its predecessor which contained songs like Live Forever, Married With Children, Supersonic. Absolute, undeniable classic.
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This is one of the most incredible works by any artist ever. The production value of this album is immense, and it flows perfectly. Despite being only 7 years old it has shaped rap music and is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time already. The implementation of guest features was also iridescently fantastic, …

What I'm Listening To Lately... // (12/8/17)

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace
Declan McKenna - What Do You Think About The Car?
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Tyler, The Creator - Goblin
Jake Bugg - On My One

Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
Arcade Fire - We Exist
Stereophonics - All in One Night
David Bowie - Modern Love
Jake Bugg - How Soon The Dawn

U2 - The Joshua Tree (Classic Review)

Irish rockers, U2, have been around for 37 years now after the release of their debut album, Boy. Irish rock was their prominent overtone and they were heavily loved for it. Breaking out from Ireland the band have seen Global success to the extent where they could be regarded as the biggest band in the world. A few missteps along the way, but they still are as big now. Many regard the pinacle of their music as The Joshua Tree, but there's a large group who do regard that as Achtung Baby. But as Joshua Tree is 30 years old this year, I thought I'd celebrate that by doing my first classic review on the undeniably classic album.

The album opens with Where the Streets Have No Name, my favourite U2 song of all time. Such a heartwarming and powerful song. What the song does is build up through the first minute where it then breaks out and Bono can really display his vocals. Bono has such a rare voice where he pushes it to it's limits but when it reaches its limit it harnesses s…

Introducing... Beachwood Coyotes

Beachwood Coyotes are a very exciting up and coming band whom have displayed a phenomenal talent for versatility. Almost going as far as swapping genres with some of their songs. This is just an exceptionally obvious display of how talented these lads from LA really are. And as they are gaining momentum and their fan base is growing I recommend jumping on the bandwagon and listening to these guys before they hit it worldwide. I was lucky enough to ask lead singer Jason a lot of questions, and the ambiguity only adds to their allure. See the whole interview below:

Question. Firstly, What made you want to start making music?
Beachwood Coyotes: Nothing else gave me that feeling, so I kept chasing it. I'm still chasing it.

Q. What was it like getting into the studio for the first time?
BC: I was 13 the first time I was in a studio and it was scary

Q. Who were your biggest influences?
BC: Billy Joel was my first concert and he was my first influence.

Q. And where does the name, Beachwood Co…

Flying Vinyl: July 2017 (Review)

It's finally here! My second Flying Vinyl box set. And I'm at that point now where I'm scouring the back catalogue on the site and drooling over each box set wishing I could afford to work my way through the back catalogue. Until that day arrives though I'm scraping through with one a month and still not regretting it! I was so excited when I saw this below my letter box, I went upstairs an span each A and B side on my deck and here's my collated thoughts on each 7"...

Bloody Knees - Not Done / I Want It All

Bloody Knees open up the July boxset. And what a way to open the boxset. Their heavy rock blasts straight through your speakers and shakes you right to the core and you'll love every second of it! What Bloody Knees are essentially is a grunge band with a melting pot of other influences in there. There's a very obvious influence of Nirvana in there yet Bloody Knees have utilised the 90's trend to sound up to date, cool and bone shatteringly bril…

The Amazons - The Amazons (Review)

Guitar rock has been proclaimed dead by the higher powers that be, with Kasabian claiming they're the last great rock band (If you've read my review of their latest album you know that's not true), yet I think there is some great, young and raw talent coming through the ranks. If you look at bands such as Catfish & The Bottlemen they're trying their best to revive it. The main problem is that labels pick up what sells, and will disregard a band if they aren't going to make money no matter how good they are. Up step The Amazons with their stab at rock super stardom and it's a piledriving first attempt. Throughout the whole album they barely let up with their heavy guitars and the lead singer's very rock influenced voice. He's a very talented singer and that really shows on the slower cuts of the album.

My favourite song on the album has to be Ultraviolet, with it's much slower tone, it sounds much more indie-esque than a lot of the album. I pref…

Introducing... Remember The Monsters

Question: Firstly, where did the name 'Remember The Monsters' come from?
Remember The Monsters:
The name Remember The Monsters came from the dome. It reminds us to never forget, and even embrace the darker parts of our histories that shape who we are. It turns out it also happens to be the name of an episode of Dexter, oh well.

Q: What made you want to start making music?
Nothing in specific really made me start making music, I've been pretty much drawn to music since the age of 4. My mother always reminds me that even when I was a little kid I was able to sit down at our piano, and create original songs of my own. Q: What was it like getting into the studio for the first time?
It was great, it definitely felt like we reached the next step in our evolution. But we showed up with a purpose and we were ready to rock as soon as we got there

Q: Who were your biggest influences?
Some of our biggest influences span to a good bit of 80s hair metal, all the way to l…