We're No Heroes - Youth (Track Review)

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We're no Heroes are the first band I ever interviewed, and what a pleasure it was to speak to them! If you missed that then please go and read it, it showed how dimensional this band are and how they really put a lot of thought and effort into their music, but not only that, they care deeply for their fans. Which I'm proud to call myself. Thankfully, the guys have been signed to a record label, Spiral Icon, and from here I can only see a fast rise to the top and what a meteoric one it will be as well.

WNH have finally hit back with a new single, Youth, after the great reception that Voodoo received it's confusing that they took as long to put out another one. However, it only displays the graft and the toil that they put into their work. As soon as you press play on this record you'll immediately recognise that it's We're No Heroes, as they have such a unique and raw sound that it's impossibly to imagine anyone else even being able to make a carbon copy of it. The single lays much of the same structure as Voodoo and Stay Weird with a very minimal, funky verse before a large, overblown chorus that you can imagine singing your lungs out to at a big festival.

The drumming on this song is phenomenal, with a constant groove to it throughout the entire track. But one of my favourite things about it is the fact that it contains one of the funkiest baselines I've ever heard. Mainting a constant high degree of groovy psychedelia throughout the entire song which can't be matched anywhere other than We're No Heroes.

And that's something that WNH have progressed incredibly well, they have gone from making underground tunes to big, stadium fillers that you can play over and over again because they're layered that way. And this song is no exception to that rule. We're No Heroes aren't tip-toeing into the mainstream, they're smashing the door down. And you better listen up before you get left behind the hype!