Wale - Shine (Review)

Wale is a rapper from Washington, already this is incredibly unorthodox, it's not exactly where you see many rappers come from usually you get LA, Atlanta, NYC. However, Wale shot onto the scene after a series of very popular, widely positively reviewed mixtapes. But his albums have always been off the mark, with The Gifted being one of the worst rap albums of 2013, and The Album About Nothing not even coming close to the mixtape it was a sequel to. Wale has thus decided to switch up styles and attempt to go back to his Nigerian heritage with dancehall vibes, singing and banging beats. The only problem is, it's terrible.

Wale's singing on this album is very rarely on key, with his grovelly voice spoiling most of the songs on this albums. Especially Scarface Rozay Gotti which is arguably the worst song I've heard this year, it has this horrible chorus with him warbling the name of the song and it's barely listenable. But one thing I did enjoy on this album was all of the beats, especially Major Lazer's addition onto the track, My Love, which for some reason featured Dua Lipa, WizKid and Major Lazer. Who's idea was it to get all of these people in the studio together and go "yeah, we'll release this" it's just an absolutely awful mixture. Colombian Heights though, that really takes the award home for worst song on the album. For some reason, most of the song is in Spanish, it features the artist J Balvin aswell, whom must have been incredibly confused when he got the call from Wale to work on a track together. I'd even go as far as to say the album would even be better if this song wasn't on it.

The rise of Dancehall and Jamaican and African musical influences has obviously been playing on Wale's mind. Because he has African heritage he thinks that automatically makes hi qualified to make this sort of music, it doesn't. Wale is barely even a good rapper let alone a singer. The singing on this album is honestly so bad, I wish he'd just got features on every song as to avoid such an incredibly poor decision. I've got to admit though, I really enjoyed the song Running Back with Lil Wayne, Wale puts on this really weird, fake accent on the song but it sort of works and Lil Wayne comes through with a decent verse, no worse than most of the stuff he's been releasing nowadays. I'd say the main problem with this album is that it's too long for something that is meant to be dipping his toe in a different genre. Another trash Wale album, join the pile. That's like 5 now, maybe it's time to stop.