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Types are an incredible new band, they've developed such a unique sound. It's impressive how hard hitting and fantastic their debut LP 'The Future is Close Enough' was, it is one of my favourite albums of the year so far and even featured on my top 10 list a few weeks ago. With the release of their new single, I Can Taste Blood, Types are beginning to certify themselves as one of the greatest talents emerging out of the underground scene. Luckily, I got the chance to talk to them about their new single, their unique sound and what's next...

Question. firstly, the new singles just been released, what's that like?
people have been sending us random comments saying how much they like it... it was supposed to be a bit of an awkward listen on purpose... 60+ seconds with no band, unorthodox instrumentation, weird rhythms. types in a nutshell really

Q. And what are the themes and stories behind I Can Taste Blood?
We titled our last EP after a lyric in our song 'k-wave' which was a positive optimistic perspective on how eventually things will be ok again... the EP was called 'The Future Is Close Enough' and i suppose 'Blood' is the future right in front of us; murder on our streets, fire in our homes - what the fuck have we done to deserve this? plus we wrote it early March so it was a bit weird how it predicted things, but hopefully there's not much blood left to be tasted now.

Q. How are you working to develop your sound?
Well there's only three of us, and while we're playing drums, guitar and singing there's also a lot of other control and manipulation that we're doing at the same time too... some people still aren't ok with the fact that there's a backing track element to our and other act's performances, and i suppose when people saw ed sheeran and his loop pedal at Glastonbury, they just assume you're cheating or miming - it's ten times harder to set up, prepare, perform and control technical pieces of gear on stage and in the studio than it is to just rope in some extra musicians and have them play what they're told to. it's 2017, we live and die with our technology... so we embrace it and make it a big part of our sound too.

Q. You also released a great debut LP earlier in the year, how was that?
Was it an LP of an EP? it was kind of inbetween the two... people really got into it, the artwork, the themes of trade, shipping, the atmospheres and moods of each track - we're glad people got the statement is was trying to make

Q. Favourite track from that album?
'China Shipping'

Q. Types have developed such a haunting and yet well crafted sound, was that on purpose or did you just happen upon a sound you're good at?
Hmmm haunting? if it unsettles people then good... our original plan was to just push some boundaries and take the format of a modern day rock band and interpret it our own way - unless we're one step ahead, we're not happy

Q. What was the biggest hinderance whilst making the album/the new single?
We learned from making the last one, don't let there be hinderances, just fucking press submit and move on. and mixing the low end, big empty sine waves are hard to get a grip of.

Q. What made you guys get into music in the first place?
Because we didn't want to be a numbers droid, sweating facts and shitting stats for a credit management company, doing presentations on merging sales and marketing departments and then being made redundant by the german head office and having to write a satirical play about it all

Q. Which musician made you want to become one yourselves?
There could never be one, we don't agree on much - in fact we hardly agree on anything.

Q. Finally, What's next for Types?
We should probably be sucking up to some promoters or trying to blag our way onto some 'festival' bills that are just 10 or more small venues exploiting mass amounts of bands in one weekend for money, or playing boring self indulgent acoustic versions for the radio cliques or trying to falsely concoct an image of success and accomplishment... fuck all of that - if you haven't already guessed, we do things our own way.

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