Flying Vinyl: June 2017 (Review)

I've always been a massive fan of the concept of Flying Vinyl, with the idea of printing 7" singles for bands that would never have been able to have them printed before. And through that it gives bands such as Blaenovon, Estrons, Marika Hackman etc... an extra dimension to be able to get their music out there and there's been so many success stories throughout it's short history. Most notably is The Amazons going on to achieve a top 10 album earlier this year. Nonetheless, being a student for the past 2 years I could never justify the £20 being taken out of my bank account every month (That was my Pot Noodle money). But now that I'm steadily earning in a job I've bit the bullet and finally signed up. The June 2017 package is my first package of many (until the girlfriend realises) and I don't regret a single second of signing up to this excellent service. As many of you readers of KMMR know, I love to discover new music and interview new bands so to have them put on my doorstep in vinyl format is absolute perfection. I digress, on to the releases...

The Cosmics - Waste Of Time / Johnny (White vinyl)

The Cosmics Waste of Time / Johnny Vinyl

Birmingham trio The Cosmics, continue to make alt-rock music with an added element of their own personality. There's a melting pot of genres here which include punk rock and garage with the odd hint of metal. It's incredibly heavy and it makes it all the better for being so. Johnny is probably my favourite song on the 7 inch, with its shout along lyrics and stadium filling guitars. It's catchy in its own way. 

The Cosmics Waste of Time / Johnny Vinyl

Joy Room - Late At Night / What's Your Number

Joy Room are the exact reason I wanted to sign up to Flying Vinyl, a young band with bags of potential and I can't stop listening to this. What's Your Number is an absolutely belting tune, expertly written and a real crowd pleaser. Thanks to the discovery of these guys through Flying Vinyl I'm hoping to catch them live in September at The Cookie in Leicester.

Zuzu - What You Want / Get Off (Blue Vinyl)

Zuzu is one of them artists who is being criminally overlooked by the mainstream. I can imagine an artist like Zuzu hitting it incredibly big because her music just feels so personal and relateable that I can imagine a lot of people, especially young women, really connecting with it. Not only are both of these songs major tunes, it's also pressed on very pretty blue vinyl. This is definitely worth listening to on whatever format you prefer.

Seeing Hands - Take Me Back / Love You Still

Don't be fooled by the cover of this single, this hazy, psychedelic cover perfectly represents Seeing Hands' music. The quartet from Newcastle are going to be perfect for those of you who are fans of artists like Mac Demarco. And when you consider that these guys only formed in 2015, they've come so far in such a short period of time. Well worth giving these guys a listen so you can claim to be fan before they were famous.

Family Friends - Look The Other Way / I'm Like You

Family Friends are a brother-sister duo who live on seperate sides of the globe. Australia and the UK. It's a wonder they ever get a chance to record songs, let alone the fact they come through with such well polished tunes. There's so many elements that mix into these songs, most prominently is their grunge influences. This isn't your average X Factor-esque brother and sister duo. These two are seriously making great music.