COAX - Holding On (EP Review)

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Andy Muscat from COAX recently contacted me on Twitter to listen to his bands debut EP, Holding On. If you submit your music then I will listen to it, no matter what. However, every now and then a band will catch my eye and I will see the invigorating potential that they have. I've seen it with acts such as Tiny Hueman, Proserpine, Craig Olson and more. COAX are one to be added to that list because after taking a listen to their music I could see the potential for something special.

I'm not insinuating that COAX's Holding On is perfect, because it isn't. But then what even is perfect anyway? I digress. There are some mastering problems with the album, but that is absolutely to be expected with unsigned bands, and it can't be helped. The opening track to the EP, Over It, is by far and away the best track on this very short EP. It reminds of a mix between The Hunna and Kovic whom are both absolutely brilliant in their own right. I think what has made me appeal to COAX is their ability to craft a complete and wholesome song that can get stuck in your head for days and days.

For a band that have received much recognition from things such as BBC Introducing and Vodafone's Future Breakers they seem to be destined for a very bright future and one full of chart dominance. You heard it here first, I expect these guys to be BIG.